I defy

  karmgord 22:36 23 Jul 2010

I defy anybody on this forum, Police officers especially, to say the treatment Tomlinson got was reasonable,proportionate & justified.

On the video evidence alone he should be dismissed from the force.

  rdave13 22:54 23 Jul 2010

Most probably the police officer will be dismissed from the force and will lose his pension entitlement.
Justice will not be seen to be done here I think.
One person losing his temper and one, unfortunately, losing his life.
As for the coroners, well ,that is a different topic.
A disgrace for the justice system of this country.

  OTT_B 23:01 23 Jul 2010

I'm not a police office, and nor was I there.
But from the video (click here), the treatment he got appeared to be reasonable, proportionate and justified.

The problem is this; he surely must have been well aware of the environment he was in. He chose to walk, quite nonchalantly by my view point. in front of a line of police - who were heading up to a crowd who don't sound like they're out for a peaceful stoll through the city.

It looked to me like the police thought he was a wannabe thug, perhaps with a beer or two insde of him, and wanted to clear him out of the way to maintain a clear line on the majority crowd.

Note the person who initially gives him help. He turns away and covers his face. Why?

It had very tragic consequences, that much is true. Are the police, or a specific officer to blame? Personally, I don't think so.

  karmgord 23:08 23 Jul 2010

From what I saw on the video a bully/coward struck a man from behind while he was walking away with his hands in his pockets while posing no threat at all,but the mis-information put out by the Police was also very worrying,they at first reported that a man had suffered a heart attach and the crowd had prevented the police and the ambulance service attending to the victim.
Did not the Police also say that De Menzies jumped the barrier and failed to stop when challenged?
Again completely false!
As a member of the public who wants to support the Police I need to have confidence in their integrity.
It's events such as this that promote the Idiots to support and show sympathy to Raul Moat who shot and possibly blinded a good police officer.

  rdave13 23:13 23 Jul 2010

Mr Tomlinson was given a fair whack with the truncheons they use today. Walking away from the police with his hands in his pockets did not justify being struck from behind from a police officer . I think I've looked at the same video as OTT_B and I think a crime was committed through an unprovoked attack.

  karmgord 23:16 23 Jul 2010

since when as choosing to walk away,quite nonchalantly,ith your hands in your pockets justified being struck from behind with a baton?
Lets not forget he was not a protester,but a worker trying to go home irritated by being "kettled in".
BTW I fully believe he probably gave the officer involved a lot of verbal abuse,but even that did not justify such a cowardly violent act.

  al's left peg 23:25 23 Jul 2010

there is another thread running along the lines of this one. I think Mr Tomlinson was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He looked like he might of consumed alcohol which may of led him to walk in front of the the police.
They would of all been up for a bit of a rumble, fully tooled up ready to take whatever the protesters threw at them. A friend of mines dad was in the force when the miners strike was on up here. He recalled coming up against the miners was akin to going into battle, and that at times they were heavy handed. In his words: "It was not a F****** tea party we were going to". I think the police approach all protests in this way, ready to deal with the worst case scenario.
I think the police do get it wrong at times, this being a perfect example and I think the officer in question will be dealt with in an appropriatte manner.

  Forum Editor 23:33 23 Jul 2010

was not misinformation put out by the Police. It was information contained in the first post mortem report. If you're going to launch an attack on the Police you might at least take the trouble to check your facts first.

Two subsequent post mortems said the cause of death was abdominal haemorrhage. This can certainly be caused by traumas, and being pushed violently in the back might be sufficient - I don't know, and neither do you.

What I do know is that there will be an inquest, and it will probably ascertain a cause of death. The officer who pushed Ian Tomlinson may well leave the Police service, that remains to be seen. You appear to have made your mind up about all this without waiting for the Coroner's verdict on the cause of death.

  birdface 00:25 24 Jul 2010

If a member of the public did that they would probably be waiting trial for Manslaughter or Grievous bodily harm.
We all know the Police do a great job and we could not do without them.
But if one of us did that and it was witnessed by the police we would be arrested.handcuffed.and bundled into a police car or van.
He may well loose his job but that is better than loosing his life.

  rdave13 00:58 24 Jul 2010

I must be feeling ill or something but I agree with your post.
First time on these boards we agree totally.
Funny old world that common sense is totally refuted by the CPS. Possibly the ostrich with head buried truly in caca?
Smells like it.

  karmgord 08:12 24 Jul 2010

I was NOT referring to the bungled post mortem by a discredited pathologist,but to police statements on the day of the attack,It was only after the video footage came to light that they corrected them,why did they say the crowd prevented Mr Tomilinson from getting urgent medical attention,please read the post more carefully.

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