I caught one of my neighbours

  WhiteTruckMan 01:26 22 Apr 2007

today taking pictures from an upstairs window of their house of my enclosed back garden. Is this some sort of invasion of privacy? I know you arent supposed to set up cctv cameras to look into peoples houses, but does the same apply in this instance? The garden cannot be seen from the highway, only from windows.


  Kate B 01:32 22 Apr 2007

You don't have any right to privacy under English law - it's one of the things that celebs constantly complain about. There is a clause in the Press Complaints Commission's code of practice which says that it's unacceptable to photograph people in private places without consent, but that doesn't apply to your neighbour unless he's a journalist or press photographer.

How well do you get on with him? Could you lightly say to him that you'd spotted him snapping your garden and that you wondered interest your tulips held for him?

Have you got any idea why they might want to be doing this? People will often do it to gather evidence when making a complaint against something such as building something in your garden.

I'm not sure about the legalities of it but even if it were illegal I think you would have a hard time proving it.

Perhaps a quick word with your neighbour may be your best option if you are certain that is what they were doing.

  missingit 07:10 22 Apr 2007

Your neighbour might merely of been trying the many different settings that todays cameras have.

What a suspicious world we live in these days.

  laurie53 08:10 22 Apr 2007

When we lived in a block of flats I once caught a neighbour on the communal roof photographing my wife sunbathing in the garden.

My offer to him to take some close ups by tipping him over seemed to do the trick!

Seriously though, it is worrying when this sort of thing happens, and it is also sad that we, as a society, generally assume the worst


  wee eddie 08:12 22 Apr 2007

He may be jealous of your gardening prowess and trying to find out which plants grow well in the neighbourhood.

Were you sunbathing at the time?

  wiz-king 08:23 22 Apr 2007

Ask him if he looks at this site! He may be the local council planning officer.

  g0slp 09:10 22 Apr 2007

Many a true word spoken in jest :-(

  Al94 09:49 22 Apr 2007

I will be doing exactly the same thing myself soon - reason? My neighbour at the back has excavated a major portion of his back garden, covered it in stones and having recently retired from the car trade is repairing accident damaged cars in the open and has a stock of around 12 cars. The noise from hammering and power tools on an ongoing basis is unacceptable so it is time for action.

  Trademark 09:57 22 Apr 2007

We had a problem like this a few years ago, the other half went round to see him in her uniform, the bloke thought she was a kiss-a-gram dressed up as a police women. That is until he was done the station getting finger printed!
Seems the guy had a vast collection of film! Even used to take pictures in the local tescos of women bending over the freezer counter!!

One appearance in the local paper sorted it all out!!!

  Forum Editor 10:04 22 Apr 2007

Provided you have a reasonable relationship with your neighbour just ask him why he was taking the photographs. Tell him you have a suspicious nature, and ask him to put you out of your misery.

Either way, it's not an invasion of privacy, as Kate B has already pointed out. If that was the case, TV cameramen would have a hard time of it at football matches, and other public events. Quite a few years ago I had a client who was the managing director of a national daily newspaper (no names, to protect the innocent). He took a young lady to a big sporting event once, and because she was so pretty a TV camera picked them out in glorious close up, just as he was giving her a cuddle. His wife happened to be watching, and that was the start of it. By the time I knew him he was married to the young lady in question - in fact it was she who told me the story.

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