I can't wait til this is over!

  Þ² 23:15 05 May 2010

Yes, it's the general election.

The next idiot that asks who I'm "voting for to be Prime Minister" is getting slapped! I got asked this 3 times in work today and who knows how many times before...

I'm voting on who I want to be my Member of Parliament and what's more ridiculous is that I live in Belfast!


  ronalddonald 23:20 05 May 2010

so tell me who your voting to be prime minister and how your gonna slap if i block you with wing chun

  ronalddonald 23:21 05 May 2010

I tell ya im voting for mickey's mickey mouse to be pm

  Al94 23:28 05 May 2010

Perhaps you could enlighten us ronalddonald, where are your ramblings leading to?

  morddwyd 08:49 06 May 2010

A note of optimism among the gloom, someone expecting enlightenment on ronalddonald's ramblings!

  morddwyd 08:59 06 May 2010

Sky News this morning "NEWS ALERT - Actor Ben Kingsley voting at his polling station in ********"

Good Grief!

  Þ² 14:14 06 May 2010

It's over for me. Just back from voting.

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