do-gull 15:05 17 Jun 2007

There is a cd by "Karl Zero" titled ................ . " Songs For Cabriolets "
I heard some of the tunes on a episode of the x-files
and quite liked them,However cannot seem to buy it anywhere.

I have already asked this question here and got what I thought was a website that would supply me a copy however they could not.

Sooooo!! anyone got a copy they could sell me?


  citadel 15:14 17 Jun 2007


  Cymro. 16:00 17 Jun 2007

I bet hardly any one on this forum have ever heard of Karl Zero.

  Kate B 16:02 17 Jun 2007

*has never heard of Karl Zero*

  do-gull 16:23 17 Jun 2007

tried cdjungle they took my order but then informed me it was not in stock.

Cymro. I had not heard of him till I saw the x-files episode .

I have tried most places via google/yahoo to no avail


  TopCat® 16:28 17 Jun 2007

There's a copy for sale at click here which includes free delivery. TC.

  spuds 16:47 17 Jun 2007

Amazon.co.uk have it on 'email when it arrives'. Seems as though the actual title is 'Songs for Cabriolets and Otros'(Import). 4 out of 5 star rating.

Just been listening to another Karl Zero recording 'Coocnut Woman' on click here

  do-gull 18:05 17 Jun 2007

As i stated in my earlier post, I ordered it from cdjungle who state it is in stock but after I order it I'm told it is out of stock!!!


  laurie53 19:57 17 Jun 2007

You're right, I can't! lol


  Ranger 20:23 17 Jun 2007

off the track a bit but cdjungle reminds me of jungle.com, I wonder how much buying that .com cost Argos overall, it must have been a massive loss,

PS you're right I can't help you

  p;3 21:01 17 Jun 2007

I MIGHT be able to help you...but not with this particular request::))))


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