I am sick of the Moaning British People

  ulrich 20:16 06 Apr 2009

In Italy tonight are 50,000 homeless people a lot of whom have lost everything. There are people in India, Africa who have got nothing to lose, children dying because they have no food or clean water. But sob sob for two weeks we have nothing but poor old Jade, poor old politicians with 3 homes to pay for, pensioners in Spain unable to go out for an evening meal. All day on Sky News about how bad off we are. I am beginning to think we should all head of to Switzerland and end it all. I volunteer to put up the sign posts to lead our poor people the way
to the promised land.

  Shuffty 20:21 06 Apr 2009

Don't think about it just go

  Clapton is God 20:26 06 Apr 2009

And who was it who 'forced' you to read these newspaper stories and/or watch Sky News ad nauseum?

  rdave13 20:32 06 Apr 2009

Always have been disasters and the 'moaning British people' are usually one of the first to offer aid. The UK has always been charitable and alway will I believe. Don't moan about us having a moan, it's only a little thing, and might make some feel a bit better for having done so.

  Shuffty 20:32 06 Apr 2009

I have not purchased a newspaper for 14 years and never ever watch sky news. To put it in simple words that you may understand if you don't like this country and the peaple in it just go

  lofty29 20:51 06 Apr 2009

Its one of the few things that are not taxed, but probably will be when they get around to it.

  ulrich 20:55 06 Apr 2009

If only I could. The point I am saying is the people who do have things never stop moaning without any thought of the people who never have.
I like to watch the news as I am interested in what is happening in the World. I do not buy or read newspapers and haven't done so for 30yrs not 14.

I suggest you read what I have written and not interpetet ot what you think I have written.

  laurie53 21:09 06 Apr 2009

Sorry, must agree with the consensus.

If you are "sick of the moaning British people" then leave them.

  dagnammit 21:18 06 Apr 2009

"I am beginning to think we should all head of to Switzerland and end it all."

You go first mate... :P

We promise to follow you, really.

Who cares... I read the news, I read the Jade Goody stories and whatever else but I then carry on with my own life and think nothing more of it.

Tis you who has the issues and not us.

  Clapton is God 21:21 06 Apr 2009

"I am beginning to think we should all head of to Switzerland and end it all."

OK, then.

If you promise to pay my air fare and hotel bills, up front, I'll accompany you to Switzerland and press the plunger on the hypodermic for you.

  dagnammit 21:26 06 Apr 2009

Clapton is God you're so kind.

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