I am puzzled?

  uk-wizard 15:15 13 Dec 2010

Been watching TV this morning, after doing some outdoor plumbing - just one split pipe, a couple of house hunting programs. I was wondering why people contemplate spending hundreds of thousands pounds on a house and yet I have never heard one of them asking about running costs? Or can you get good TV reception or fast broadband, even those who work from home don't seem to ask. All they seem to worry about is size of the bathroom.

  tullie 15:58 13 Dec 2010

Bathrooms are essential,tv and internet are not.

  canarieslover 16:10 13 Dec 2010

The two things that people are most likely to replace when they move into a new house are the kitchen and the bathroom. You can spend a bit of money and get them exactly how you want them. If you have crap TV reception and internet you can spend as much as you want and still not improve them to any great extent so I would probably give them greater priority than a bathroom. And as for running costs, have a look at another thread with regard to central heating, click here
Probably being part of a TV program is enough to make most people to switch their brains off. Knowing some of the questions that have been asked of my son with regard to the flat he is selling I can only think it is the TV cameras stopping the 'potential buyers' asking the right questions.

  natdoor 16:39 13 Dec 2010

As canarieslover implies, the content of the programme is meant to be of interest to the viewer. So emphasis is on such things as visual aspects of the property rather than simple facts which do not have relevance to viewers. One imagines that these matters are dealt with by means of dialogue with estate agent/owner, rather than celebrity presenter.

I have been intrigued on occasion, when watching Grand Designs, to see how provision of services (water,gas, electricity and sewage) is handled since this seems to me to be more interesting in remote locations than watching bricks being laid. However, I have to accept that it is irrelevant to most people, who are interested in the problems encountered during the build and the form of the final product.

It can be difficult sometimes to remember that such programmes are heavily edited. I am constantly waiting for a documentary, apart from a speculative visit to a rogue trader, say, where a reporter goes to a house and rings the bell to find that no-one is home, or the owner says "Who are you and what do you want?"

  Woolwell 14:35 14 Dec 2010

And how come the cameraman is already in the house?

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