I am not mad!

  Kev.Ifty 23:29 17 Jul 2007

About 'censorship' that is. BUT!! I am getting just a little fed up with YouTube

It's not the videos themselves, its the stupid, inane comments and ripostes that are getting to me.

There have been a few times when I would have liked to post a link to YouTube on PCA, but there are so many offensive comments that often follow a clip, I dare not post.... No I don't mean comments from the Upstanding Fellow Members of this forum lol. I mean the responses to the videos that appear under that particular clip on YouTube.

Sometimes I want to send an Email to a Friend with a link to an amusing or interesting clip. I find I have to screen it before sending it just in case there is a chance one of my Friends kids see the Email and are subjected to some pathetic and puerile foul language.

Can't the multi billion dollar Google inc do something about this?

I have just watched a daft and innocent unoffensive video made by some kids.

They where probably about 10 or 12 years old. It was, I imagine a great laugh to them, but it was not very interesting to 'non family' members etc.

One of the invited comments actually said "Sh*t!b***h f*** off i will stab u to death if i were near u " ( I've added the *'s. sorry, sorry, sorry I hope not to offend you ).

I have had a look to see if it is possible to report offensive stuff like this and cannot see how.

Is it me? Is there a means to warn YouTube of such invidious stuff? OR.. have the lawyers got it covered?

PS: Sorry. That was a bit serious for me lol.

PPS: I (almost) always contact FE before linking to a video. :-)

  Kate B 23:47 17 Jul 2007

Frankly, I'd rather people didn't post links to YouTube, not because of the braindead comments but simply because 99 per cent of the stuff on YouTube is banal rubbish.

I'm not offended by the comments you quote - hey, it's hard to offend me - but I do think life is too short to waste reading them.

  WhiteTruckMan 00:14 18 Jul 2007

"99 per cent of the stuff on YouTube is banal rubbish."

Really? You must be more tolerant than me Kate. I would have put the figure somewher near 118%


  Kate B 00:16 18 Jul 2007

*chuckle* There are some cute videos of cats on YouTube.

  Kev.Ifty 00:46 18 Jul 2007

Agree... There is a limited amount of good stuff on YouTube, but its the 'blank' stupid comment to which I refer.

Imagine finding a nice video with lovely Kittens and Pussy's. You want to send that clip to your Mum and you find some 'Twit' has decided to go off on one in the comments field..


  Kate B 00:52 18 Jul 2007

Well, my mum isn't particularly shockable, but I know what you mean. Having said that, it's at least partly the interactivity that makes YouTube so successful; and it's unmoderated. I'm in favour of light moderation on open web 2.0 sites - ie ones that are user-generated in that way - otherwise you often find that the content depressingly sinks to the lowest common denominator, as with those comments you're referring to.

  Forum Editor 00:53 18 Jul 2007

the refuge of the cranially challenged in my opinion - it's a playground for children posing as adults.

Run any unmoderated, public access internet resource with posting facilities and you will get an endless stream of profanity and inanity. YouTube has become a disgrace.

Apart from that, it's a drain on internet bandwidth.

  Kev.Ifty 01:16 18 Jul 2007

I appreciate your post. I am not an easily offended type myself either, but I do think YouTube or Google should moderate those stupid comments.

I'm sure there is an American lawyer somewhere waiting for his day.

  Kev.Ifty 01:51 18 Jul 2007

I wish I could put my point across as eloquently as you.

Surely the owners of YouTube should have some responsibility for the comments they allow to be posted.

I know there is software available to filter certain words if desired.

If there was a responsibility upon them to protect us for fear of litigation. I bet things would improve.

  wolfie3000 02:51 18 Jul 2007

I actually like youtube,
I have some videos up there myself :)

click here

  Chegs ®™ 06:53 18 Jul 2007

I've seen a few clips up there I really liked(the one of my old guild masters entry for the shot-online contest was a hoot)but I rarely bother reading the comments as I run the videos fullscreen.

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