Hup Holland

  john bunyan 19:01 07 Jul 2010

I am not a footie fan but did live in the Netherlands for 10 years. Their getting to the finals seems very good for a country of only about 16 million. I remember being there in the late '80's I think, when they won the European Cup. All the fountains dyed orange, conga lines over the barges etc. A far cry from their staid image. Well done to them.

  Bapou 19:18 07 Jul 2010

If Germany beat Spain tonight, Sunday's Final should be really worth the watching.

Forget the rivalry between England and Germany, it does not compare with that associated with these two countries.

  morddwyd 19:55 07 Jul 2010

"their staid image. "

Staid? The Dutch?

You must have met a different class of Dutch, man woman and child, than I did.

The slightest excuse and they'll have a three day party.

For a real excuse it'll go on for a week!

I can remember them opening a new, motorway, border crossing.

There was a seven kilometre long street party, which of course, as a simple day visitor, I was welcomed at!

  john bunyan 20:08 07 Jul 2010

I agree fully - the ones I met were far from staid. In the north, Freisland, maybe. It is just that some folk have that view. A great country where I was very welcome. My father is buried there, having been shot down in a Lancaster en route back from Berlin....

  wiz-king 21:46 07 Jul 2010

A few years ago when I went over there, I got off the train at the main station of a largish town. walked to the nearest 'commercial travellers' hotel and stood in the queue to sign in for a couple of nights and heard the man on the desk tell the person in front of me that they were full and didn't have a room, so I turned round and went to walk to another hotel. A young lad came after me and said that they has several rooms vacant 'but he was a German'. Feelings still run deep.

  ams4127 22:29 07 Jul 2010

I lived in Roermond for three years back in the '70s. My wife went to night school to learn to read and write in Dutch. I went to the bars and learned how to speak it!

Probably the most enjoyable three years of my married life.

Crossed the border from Germany into Holland one Sunday and got stopped by customs.

"Got any cigarettes?"
"Any alcohol?"
"Any drugs?"
"Ah, you English, no fun at all!"

  Bapou 23:13 07 Jul 2010

Years ago on a late Saturday night ferry journey from Dover to Calais I was invited to join a conversation at the bar with 6 young Dutchmen. Each week they came over on the ferry and went to see a First Division game in London. Arsenal, West Ham, Tottenham, made no difference which ground.

Staid? Far from it.Conversation was mainly on football, but what intrigued me, each one of them spoke English with only the slightest of accent. Not once did they use their own language in my presence. Never forgot that gesture and enjoyable company.

It still intrigues me, whenever a Dutch or Danish footballer is being interviewed on TV he speaks almost perfect English.

  Strawballs 01:45 08 Jul 2010

They will be playing Spain

  Bingalau 13:59 08 Jul 2010

As an ex- Royal Marine I can tell you that both we and their Marines (Cloggies to us) got on extremely well together.

  Bingalau 14:03 08 Jul 2010

Of course nearly all people (below the age of fifty) of the countries on the other side of the English Channel speak perfect English. They are taught it from an early age in school. Germany; Holland; Belgium; Norway; Denmark etc., it is very difficult to try out your own language skills because the minute they realise you are English they naturally switch straight over. No problem!

  john bunyan 15:06 08 Jul 2010

Except France!!

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