the humble egg and spoon race 'banned'?

  p;3 00:05 02 Jul 2007

in conversation today I learnt somewhat incredulously and in complete disbelief that apparently the humble egg and spoon race has been banned;

what has a simple boiled egg and a plain spoon done to harm anyone?

or has the chicken protested at the use of its egg in such a manner?

(now see if THIS posts after today's traumas )

  Kate B 00:09 02 Jul 2007

It's a bit hard to know what to say without a little more context - have you got a link?

And frankly, if you think something is going to be provocative (which I doubt this is), why bother to post it?

  mrwoowoo 00:10 02 Jul 2007

Who and where? The local councils banning it at school sportsday or a blanket ban.
I take it another health and safety issue.
surely steel toecaps could be worn to protect our tootsies.might slow the times down though.

  Forum Editor 00:31 02 Jul 2007

"....the humble egg and spoon race has been banned" Banned by whom, and why - is it nationwide, or just in some school somewhere? It can't possibly be a nationwide ban, because that would need legislation, so I'm guessing it's a school, or a local authority at most.

To be brutally honest, I doubt whether anyone would really care much anyway - it's hardly the kind of thing that would change society.

  WhiteTruckMan 00:32 02 Jul 2007

we didnt have egg and spoon races. This was because we broke too many raw eggs and we couldnt be trusted not to eat the hard boiled ones. (well, free grub, wasnt it?). Instead we had to make do with a raw potato. Until the more enterprising among us (no names, no pack drill) substituted the spoon for a fork and stuck the potato on the end.


  Forum Editor 00:36 02 Jul 2007

That's the spirit - winning's what matters.

  mrwoowoo 00:42 02 Jul 2007

But it is exactly the sort of thing that is changing society.
No playing conkers,no tag,no egg and spooning,no using the adventure playground,blah,blah,blah.
All because the nanny state knows best,and we don't want to get sued ,do we?

  WhiteTruckMan 00:42 02 Jul 2007

or whether you lose that matters, as long as you win.


  Forum Editor 00:49 02 Jul 2007

"All because the nanny state knows best"

So it's true, the egg and spoon race HAS been banned by the government, has it?

  robgf 02:57 02 Jul 2007

Have I got a faulty memory, or did we used to use solid "eggs", made out of heavy plastic, or something. (probably bakelite, it was quite a while ago!!)

I used to love the three legged race, couldn't do the sack race though, just fell over immobile. :(

  wolfie3000 04:44 02 Jul 2007

Only thing i could find online about it was this article on the Suns website,

click here

But being the Sun i wouldnt put much faith into the article.

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