Human rights

  egapup 16:14 28 Apr 2007

After that stupid judge let out those terrorist suspects because of thier human rights do you think it's time the human rights thing is scrapped?

  Kate B 16:21 28 Apr 2007

I think if you start deciding that some people are less worthy of basic human rights than others you're on a very slippery moral slope. The way judicial systems retain their integrity is to treat everyone the same.

You only have to look at regimes where suspects of any crimes are treated automatically as being somehow lesser people to see that you end up with the most appalling abuses. Nazi Germany removed basic human rights from people it deemed to be not worthy of them; so too did Communist Cambodia, Iraq under Saddam, Kenya during the Emergency (and that was a British regime) ... the list is a long and shameful one.

So while I'm sure it rankles, it's very, very important for a society to remain mindful of the fundamental importance of treating everyone, regardless of what they're accused of, according to the same standards of decency.

  egapup 16:25 28 Apr 2007

Kate B al-Qaeda must love those kind of sentiments.

  tullie 16:38 28 Apr 2007

We dont agree with it,but kates right

  georgemac © 16:43 28 Apr 2007

I think human rights are important and everyone has basic human rights.

From what I have read about the two Libyan Terrorist suspects, I cannot believe we refused to deport them back to Libya - those of us in this democratic country will now be under threat because this pair want to bring harm to the citizens of the UK as they do not agree with our way of life.

Ridiculous decisions like these will do more harm to human rights than anything else - it makes the law look silly - what about our rights?

I also object to prisoners being granted legal aid to take the government to court to get the right to vote in the forthcoming elections - I would just give them the vote rather than feed the lawyers with more legal aid money, but we also need to remember these people have committed crimes against society and deserve punishment as well as a chance to be reformed.

  johndrew 16:44 28 Apr 2007

I question your attitude to the human rights of the public at large. In terms of `human rights` which do you consider more worthy, those of the bomber or his/her victims/potential victims?

Personally I would prefer to think our law would protect the innocent and penalise those who would plan harm to them. But perhaps I`m being old fashioned when I have less concern for those with terrorist intent than those simply going about their lives in an innocent and lawful manner.

If it was my decision, those who come to our country with ill intent, even having left their own as a result of activities deemed illegal and punishable by their own penal system, would be sent back to face whatever their own country decided should be their fate. Only those who comply with our laws should be given our protection.

  georgemac © 16:45 28 Apr 2007

I don't think by deporting these two we would be making their human rights less important than others - we have an agreement with Libya that criminals or citizens who are deported will not be harmed or subjected to torture, as far as I am aware Libya has not broken the terms of this treaty.

  octal 16:47 28 Apr 2007

While I agree with what Kate B says, I just wonder about the victims human right to live, they didn't have a choice did they?

  Kate B 16:48 28 Apr 2007

johndrew, here's a poser for you: if a suicide bomber kills a paedophile who's raped and murdered a little girl, which is more entitled to human rights? The answer is both are equally entitled. That's what I mean by a slippery moral slope. Victims are not always good people.

  Bingalau 16:51 28 Apr 2007

When these people commit atrocities they immediately cease to be humans. Therefore they have no human rights.

  45 Mart 16:55 28 Apr 2007

Seems to me that we hear more about Human Rights because of the criminals hiding behind its rulings, and not because of what it was supposed to be for.

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