Hull street cleaner's cut finger cost £100K.?

  Uboat 01:59 21 Oct 2010

Seen as i live in Hull this is NOT headlines here? and no one i know knows this person.? in fact i was shocked that it was in hull.?

£100K for a cut finger? Come on i remember in 2001 i was working in a huge baking factory and a Maintenance member of staff took the magic eye of a compactor for some of the deserts which stops it from operating, when a normal member of staff was using it he put his arm in which was a normal process to drag out the excess pudding and the machine started and fed his full hand and 3 quarters of his arm into the machine

They was two huge two foot long cog's and his bits went in between them his hand and arm was concertina'd he lost his hand and although kept his arm it was of no use for the rest of his life, I know a friend who knew him he got £95K, BUT to gain more money for such a simple cut is ridiculous...

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  peter99co 09:47 21 Oct 2010

he was given were nothing more than "glorified gardening gloves".

They may begin to see the need to look after their employees better in future.

  monkeyboy21 10:41 21 Oct 2010

Once you get past the headline you'll see he's actually only had an interim payment of £3000, the rest is based on the cost of the hearing, so no final figure has been agreed. The £100k is what the council will pay, not what he'll receive. Also, his injury was a little more serious than a cut, which included Tendon, nerve and artery damage.



  monkeyboy21 10:43 21 Oct 2010

sorry, cross posted at same time....

  jakimo 12:16 21 Oct 2010

'Once you get past the headline you'll see he's actually only had an interim payment of £3000'

Is that all! my heart bleeds for him,and you failed to comment on the final cost likely to run into six figures


Little wonder Insurance premiums are so high

  interzone55 12:33 21 Oct 2010

The final cost running into 6 figures is entirely the fault of the council fighting the initial compensation (note spelling) claim for handing the cleaner the wrong gloves...

  Uboat 12:41 21 Oct 2010

fourm member Thankx for explaining that, yeah it does make sense for the paper anyway, I remembered i do know this guy a very little he breeds Staffordshire bullterriers he used to live near me many years ago, he is a really nice and quite person, Hull City Council have a TERRIBLE track record and almost everyday when there is a news story relating to them there is a army of the public who leave very negative comments against the council, we see a lot of money waisted here guys, for instance this tv click here cost the tax payer £650.000 it was up a few years maybe five years then the council got rid of it and it cost more to have it taken down then it did to leave up & "ON" almost everyone thought it was a good idea more so when it was christmas and the songs was on or sporting events was screened, it is now dumped in a "Safe House" as the council put it i laughed its not as though anyone would be able to steal it because it weighed more than SIX

  Monoux 14:53 21 Oct 2010

"In my experience, local papers can be reluctant to print bad news stories about the council"

The local rag in Ipswich is forever Council bashing and frequently gets the wrong end of the stick but when corrected fails to print a retraction or anapology.

Some Councils do not have insurance policies that cover compensation costs but pay for any claims out of reserves-- apparently it's cheaper than paying premiums.

  spuds 19:14 21 Oct 2010

Our previous CEO of the local council once told me that the council had more money to defend an action than the public had. Now with an attitude like that, I was glad of a no win no fee legal team, when I sought to resolve a wrongdoing by a council department.

In the case of the street cleaner, the council employ health and safety advisor's who should have seen this coming. Most councils if not all are fully aware about discarded infected items, why should Hull be an different. More sloppy management procedures no doubt, lose £100,000.00 to save a few pounds perhaps.

Regarding newspapers and council bashing. Our local rag use to be very timid about writing articles about the council, and very little got printed. The new editor as a very different view, and were warranted the council is often brought to task, usually by the Freedom of Information procedures. The above story would have soon been picked up and published. Burning the plank at both ends, possibly, but at least the public are kept informed about open government!.

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