HUGE waste of money!!

  charmingman 22:56 07 Sep 2008

Have a look at this & i quote:It is thought disposing of them will cost more than £30m. The UK government says it shows how concerned it is about the weapons" i think the realism behind this story should be more focused on exactly HOW MUCH they cost to make & how much they have cost the tax payer..? & just to add another £30Mil to disspose of..?
loved the sideliner though nice move

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  DieSse 23:08 07 Sep 2008

Why are you interested in the cost of one particular now obsolete weapon?

Weapons go into and out of service all the time - as they are changed, upgraded, wear out, and so on. And of course there will always be disposal costs.

Are you interested in how much an artillery shell costs? - and how much it costs to dispose of them when the time comes? - and rifles, and etc etc?

Would you like to go through the whole defence budget line by line?

Do you think someone else could dispose of them more cheaply?

Or what exactly?

  DieSse 23:10 07 Sep 2008

PS - I doubt if the defence budget is even accurate to within £30million.

  charmingman 23:15 07 Sep 2008

DieSse" u see my whole point is the over producing of these weapons!!

Why waste "OUR" money on them...whats wrong with making them when there ordered not soaking our military with weapons that cost tens of millions the only to be dissposed of a year or so later at a unprecedented & unjustified COST!!!

& after all what is "OUR" gain in the war in Iraq..???


  Forum Editor 23:19 07 Sep 2008

gives us eight years to destroy these weapons, and £30 million spread over eight years of defence budget is a tiny amount.

It's always a good idea to get a grip on some perspective when looking at stories like this. The Royal Air Force is likely to end up with around 140 Eurofighter Typhoons in service, and if it does each aircraft will have cost something like £125 million.

Perhaps that puts some perspective on the cluster bomb disposal story.

  Forum Editor 23:29 07 Sep 2008

A better understanding of the complexities of arming modern military forces would help you to know that stockpiling bombs and ammunition is an integral part of the process. No nation with any sense is going to risk committing troops to a conflict situation if it can't supply the ammunition they might need.

Conflicts aren't always predictable, they often tend to come out of the blue, so stockpiles are necessary. Then, when a conflict doesn't come along, or when weaponry technology moves on, and international thinking on the ethics of some technologies leads to disposal treaties, you're left with large numbers of obsolete bombs, or shells, or whatever. These things are expensive to store, and in time they may become unstable, and in any case, the treaty of the moment may require supervised or documented and filmed disposal, so they have to go.

  DieSse 23:34 07 Sep 2008

"unprecedented & unjustified COST!!!"

Unprecedented - I doubt it, there's probably hundreds or more of precedents.

Unjustified - how do you know that - ars you an expert in the costs of cluster bomb disposal?

"..whats wrong with making them when there ordered"

I expect they were ordered - that's why they've got them. Would you like to make a usage forecast for ammunition for the next five years? Or do you think that when they run out on the battlefield they should call the manufacturer to make some more?

"Why waste "OUR" money on them" - Well I guess that's a fair question - but the military are the only experts we have on things military - so there is little option but to rely on their judgment.

If you're worried about government wasting money - I suggest you look at the the several BILLION £ for the ID card scheme - and the colossal sums spent on NHS computerisation - and the BILLIONS involved in the Northern Rock fiasco - to name but three.

  peter99co 08:58 08 Sep 2008

I think all conflicts are a waste of money and lives as well. We would all be better off if we could stop killing each other. That is where the waste is to be found.

As John Lennon said 'Give peace a chance'

If only!

Human Nature being what it is probably means it will never happen. We seem to easily find somebody spoiling for a fight.

War to end all Wars. No chance!

  laurie53 09:10 08 Sep 2008

The real waste here is the loss of a good tactical weapon.

Cluster bombs had to be banned because of misuse against civilians, particularly kids.

However, if used properly they are an extremely effective facility denial weapon.

They are particularly effective against airfields and can sterilise them (i.e. make them too dangerous to use) for days or even weeks.

Please don't go all moral on me about weapons generally. If you are going to engage in conflict you have a duty to your troops to keep them as safe as possible while killing,or preferably maiming (they need more care), the enemy in large numbers as efficiently as possible.

The cluster bomb is good at that.

  peter99co 10:14 08 Sep 2008

I am not trying to be moral just commenting on the real waste in the world.

  jack 10:29 08 Sep 2008

A 'Go bang by' date if you will
When that date comes they have to disposed of because being a chemical device can become unstable and go bang in the wrong place.
Then adding in a political issue [These are not very nice to people ban them] is a side line.

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