HTML Email is Evil

  Pesala 21:51 06 Dec 2008

After many years of some users nagging for the implementation of HTML email in Opera's email client, it has finally be introduced in Opera 10 Alpha. It may be three to six months before Opera 10 is released (my own estimate).

I'm one of those who think it is unnecessary. I don't like to receive HTML email myself, so why should I send it to others?

The main problem I have with it is that I don't get to control the font size and colours that I use to read the email, so I use the "Prefer Plain Text" setting in Opera's email client, and set my preferred font and font size in Preferences.

There has been a good deal of heated debate, with one member click here saying that "HTML Email is evil." I don't subscribe to that view myself, but I do think it adds to the volume of data being transmitted and stored, without many benefits, and with many disadvantages.

What do you think? Do you dislike receiving HTML mail? Do you sometimes/frequently/usually send HTML mail yourself? Do you regard it as a security risk? Is it so important to your work that you would not use a plain text only email client?

  Pesala 21:54 06 Dec 2008

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  interzone55 22:03 06 Dec 2008

You know what, I've got plenty of other things to worry about, so I don't let HTML emails bother me.

Now if you said Incredimail is evil, I'd have to agree with you

  Forum Editor 00:02 07 Dec 2008

I'm afraid that I'm with alan14 on this - it's one of those subjects about which I'm happy to be indifferent. If people want to use html email that's fine by me, and if they don't that's also fine.

In the olden days when people sent hand-written letters (remember them?) some people used black ink, some used blue, and some used violet or green or brown ink.Then there were all those lovely different papers. Now we all use email, and some of us like the scope that html lends to email composition; I say good luck to them, and to plain text users, too. Vive la difference!

  €dstowe 07:36 07 Dec 2008

I see email as a convenient and quick way of transferring messages. Too many think their emails are works of art to vie to be alongside the Mona Lisa rather than what they really are.

As far as I'm concerned an email should be short and to the point. Messages in Incredimail and similar programs get little attention from me.

  laurie53 08:32 07 Dec 2008

I seem to remember that green ink is (was) generally accepted to be a calculated insult, and was normally only used for rude and offensive mails, or to call somebody out.

I also remember a craze for violet ink in school, and it being banned for schoolwork by the Head!

  canarieslover 10:20 07 Dec 2008

It's a long time since I was at school but I still remember my English masters advice,'Blue for friends and family and black for all other correspondence'. I have stuck with this all my life and even extended it to e-mailing. The only exception being that if I know the recipient only has dial-up then I send plain text which is black anyway.

  Forum Editor 11:18 07 Dec 2008

I receive emails from forum members that are literally alive with colour, images, and animated gifs.

Each to his or her own is the order of the day as far as I'm concerned, but I do find myself wondering why people bother to do it. The power is in the message, rather than the decorations, and it's the reason I have resisted every suggestion - and there have been quite a few - that we allow avatars and signatures on the forum. When you look at some forums the images and signatures dominate - they take up more room that the text - and they add nothing to the content as far as I can see.

That said, if some people like doing things that way, so be it. The internet is resilient enough to handle the bandwidth, and there are far worse things going on out there than html email.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:17 07 Dec 2008

Some people need to get out a lot more. This must get the award for the 'Most Ridiculous Thread of 2008'.


  interzone55 12:51 07 Dec 2008

No, that honour must go to the tinned tomatoes...

  Forum Editor 12:55 07 Dec 2008

Let's not go there again.

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