HP Space Invaders

  interzone55 21:07 04 Jun 2007

I'm hooked on the HP space invaders game, it's ace

A little worrying that they want your email address though when you get a high score

  Jackcoms 21:09 04 Jun 2007

I use HP sauce.

I haven't seen any game on their bottles

  Totally-braindead 21:12 04 Jun 2007

I'm afraid I played it till my arm hurt, it was rather addictive.

  interzone55 21:16 04 Jun 2007

It's in the HP Community Zone, find the link to the right, above the Forums or here click here

  Jackcoms 21:20 04 Jun 2007

You clearly failed to read the sarcasm in my post.

As many members of this Forum will know, I don't play games.

I gave those up when I was a child - many, many years ago.

  interzone55 21:25 04 Jun 2007

Sorry, sarcasm doesn't come through very well in plain text, least of all when you don't expect it.

Try to use <Sarcasm> tags </Sarcasm> next time

  Si_l 21:57 04 Jun 2007

I'm a big gamer but I can't stand the space invaders game on the Community Area, the music does my head in! Please change it HP!

  1911 22:57 04 Jun 2007

How sad, I'm 78 and had ten minutes fun playing it

  wolfie3000 23:14 04 Jun 2007

I personally didnt like the game,
Its too slow and repetative.

Who is this game aimed at?

Gamers like we wont like it, older people usually never play games and younger people are more interested in more modern games.

I guuess the games aimed at the nostalgia market.

  [email protected] 23:38 04 Jun 2007

nostalgia market yes,
at the time subbuteo was the most realistic gaming available,although this was my preference click here
space invader tabletop versions were in many pubs at the time ...how times have changed

  Forum Editor 00:15 05 Jun 2007

"I gave those up when I was a child - many, many years ago." I hope that never happens to me.

Why not give it a try? You never know, you might regain a sense of your lost youth.

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