HP "region coding" their printers!

  Sapins 09:01 04 Feb 2005

HP are coding new printers so they will only work with cartridges bought in the same country as the printer. Their excuse is to avoid currency fluctuations which apparently confuse customers.

Users will still be able to use refilled cartridges as long as they match the printers region, but, the UK Cartridge Remanufacturers' Association have said it may be a year or so to get refillable cartridges onto the market.

  ventanas 11:06 04 Feb 2005

I've also noticed with our newer HP printers that if you try to use a non HP clone they report that there is no cartridge installed. They do work, but the print quality is awful. This may be down to the cartridges though. Now use only genuine HP.

  spuds 11:51 04 Feb 2005

When I purchase new original printer cartridges for my HP printers, I uasually find that they are manufactured from three different country sources.I wonder how this will effect 'region coding'.

I also use a Lexmark X5150 printer,using either original or compatible cartridges.Sometimes using compatibles, I find an error message similar to ventanas, but I overcome this with the selection key and pressing new, possibly one or more times.

  oresome 13:00 04 Feb 2005

How thoughtful of HP. No doubt some enterprising retailers will sell region free printers for a small premium and savvy consumers will find workarounds similar to those for DVD players.

  Stuartli 14:31 04 Feb 2005

>>Their excuse is to avoid currency fluctuations which apparently confuse customers.>>

I'm at a loss to understand this explanation by HP.


Manufacturing goods for sale in other countries is no great problem even if the specifications are considerably different.

  jack 16:06 04 Feb 2005

What ever the excuses given it is all to do with
keeping us sober by removing more beer tokens from a pockets- Nerts to 'em I'll keep refilling.

  Forum Editor 18:26 04 Feb 2005

it's having their intelligence insulted by statements such as the one HP have come up with here - I've never heard such claptrap in my life. The next time I'm confused by a currency fluctuation I might just chuck my HP printers in the bin, and buy from Epson or Canon.

I think the company will pay a heavy price for its greed - people are already fed up with paying astronomic prices for what is just ink, despite the way that companies like HP try to make it sound like some astonishing scientific marvel.

  stalion 18:58 04 Feb 2005

settle down now you will blow a gasket I totally agree though.

  Dorsai 19:07 04 Feb 2005

Another case of corporate short-sightedness.

They see a loss of sales, to non-gnuine ink, and address the problem by trying to stop people using non-genuine ink.

The result no doubt will be as expressed by FE, people just won't by the printer in the first place. Of course, HP don't have to worry about me using non genuine ink, as I don't own an HP printer.

The other approach would be to find out WHY people use non genuine ink, and then address the reason for this.

Where I work, selling car parts, the manufacturer who's cars we sell recently looked at their sales of several parts (such as brake disks), compaired with the sales of non-genuine products by competitors. The result of their investigation was a price reduction of, in some cases, up to 60%. It worked.

Sales of the products effected has increased, in some cases, at least 10 fold. It was in fact too effective, and the factory making brake disks found they could not now keep up with the new level of demand, leading to backorders.

Perhpaps HP have somthing to learn from the motor industry?

  stalion 19:16 04 Feb 2005

hope the factory didn't have a nervous brake down!

  R4 19:35 04 Feb 2005

I found that I could buy a new printer for the cost of the two ink cartridges (1 back & 1 colour)for my HP if I buy HP cartridges.

So next time they run out I will get a new printer.

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