How to you feel about HS2 in England

  Ungus 10:02 02 Jun 2015

Having watched the TV last night and the chaos on the railway network especially in England do you think building HS2 will have any effect on what passengers have to put up with in regard to fares, conditions and total overcrowding. Not being an expert i would rather reach my destination in pleasant surroundings in safety sitting down and paying a fair price rather than getting there maybe 30 minutes sooner. Of course from our point of view up here in the land north of the central belt of Scotland HS2 will make absolutely no difference to our lives and probably not even those in the central belt but unfortunately our contribution to this project will be 3.5 billion. I would rather see my bit of the 3.5 billion going to improving the network throughout the UK system on perhaps lower fares better rolling stock time tables that you can understand and most of all a seat.

  Brumas 10:31 02 Jun 2015

Ungus, It really annoys me because the money could be better used instead to dual the whole of the cart track, a.k.a. the A1, in places double white lines on a series of bad bends, up here in the forgotten north!!

Rant over, sorry for hijacking your thread.

  morddwyd 10:40 02 Jun 2015

You can keep it.

Standing on the outside looking in, it appears to be yet another major investment in infrastructure to benefit the SE.

  HondaMan 11:46 02 Jun 2015

No value to me at all, Basic maintenance of the line in Cornwall would be better spent

  OTT_B 12:00 02 Jun 2015

It's an obscene waste of money.

For the (forever varying, but inevitably increasing) cost of £70bn, a whole lot of rolling stock could be purchased and existing lines upgraded, probably leaving a large chunk of money spare to subsidise rail travel for all. Not that that would stop fares increasing......

  tonyq 12:48 02 Jun 2015

As someone on TV said not to long ago,"I would maybe agree with HS2 if they would start from Newcastle heading south"

  oresome 15:13 02 Jun 2015

I've not been on a train in more than fifty years, so what do I know?

As I see it, while the high speed equates to a theoretically shorter journey time, it comes at the expense of fewer stops, so potentially more travel time to reach a station for many.

The expense of station parking on top of the rail fare will probably exclude the majority of private individuals and families from using it.

OK for the business user who claims the cost on expenses.

I'd have liked to see a completely new technology used. We've been using this gauge rail system since Stephenson's Rocket in 1829.

  Ungus 15:20 02 Jun 2015


Not biased just dont see what the benefit of this is to the rest of the rail network in the UK in general. Spending this kind of money in my humble opinion would be better spent on rail lines rolling stock and cheaper fares. I am going to a family wedding in Bedford soon i thought about going by rail but the cost for myself and wife was outrages. It is cheaper for me to travel to Glasgow or Edinburgh by car park the car in a secure park for three nights and fly down, get the bus to peterborough and get picked up by family from their. If you want to encourage people off the roads then the alternatives have to much better than what the rail companies have on offer at the moment.

  bremner 17:39 02 Jun 2015

It is a vanity project that will have minimal impact on the places the line will run and virtually none for the rest of the country.

Down here in the South West we were recently cut off from the rail network due to the storms washing away the line at Dawlish. We also have snail paced broadband in many areas and virtually no 3g outside of towns let alone 4g.

Get this part of the country and other similarly poorly served areas up to speed before blowing billions on a pointless railway

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