How was your online shopping this Christmas?

  David Price 15:43 23 Dec 2010

In a previous poll (click here) we found that about 70 percent of us did at least some of our Christmas shopping online this year. How did you find this experience? Have your say in the poll in the lefthand column, or use this direct link:

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  Yimbo 16:13 23 Dec 2010

except that, due to snow, for several days now, no deliveries were being made to Scotland - or else taking a very long time!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:01 23 Dec 2010

Where's the options for

"I haven't bought any gifts Bah Humbug" ?


"I leave all that sort of thing to my better half - who is much more organised than I am" ?


  Blackhat 17:05 23 Dec 2010

Placed an order with Amazon on 10th Dec, checked shipping on 14th Dec, said will not be delivered before 25th Dec, order cancelled! Found same item on High Street today £3 cheaper.

  bremner 17:41 23 Dec 2010

I have made over a dozen online purchases, many with multiple items, from five different companies; M&S, John Lewis, HMV, Robinsons and Amazon.

All but one order, from Amazon, arrived on time and the one that didn't was entirely down to the snow that fell heavily in my area.

All in all an excellent service.

I have not voted because to say everything arrived on time would be untrue but it would give the wrong impression to say "No, deliveries were late" as it was just one.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:02 23 Dec 2010

Everything ordered on Nov 15th from Amazon in a 2 hour shopathon and all delivered by last week in Nov. Ordered water filter jug + 6 filters on Tues. pm from Amazon (free delivery, 20% off code NS £11.48 - exactly the same from Sainsbury's 2 miles away, £19.99), delivered today at 1130am. 'Organisation' is the clue. You can stuff buying from 'local shops' from now on.


  Forum Editor 18:36 23 Dec 2010

I ordered a fair bit from them - as usual - and everything arrived on time.

One item (Kindle) had a fault on the screen on arrival, I phoned Amazon, and a replacement arrived the next day. An email included a link to an Amazon page where I printed a special return label for the dodgy Kindle, and another link to a DHL page where I could specify a collection date.

DHL arrived today at 8:30, scanned the barcode on my returns label, and that was that - parcel returned to Amazon at their cost.

It's how it should be,but often isn't. Amazon has efficiency in its blood, which is why the company is the best e-commerce operation in the world.

  canarieslover 18:52 23 Dec 2010

Articles that I ordered first week of December have arrived at various times with the last appearing this morning. Several different suppliers involved and all delayed so I suppose it must be blamed on the weather though I must admit that Amazon were a bit slow in early November as well as books ordered then took two weeks to arrive.

  tullie 19:02 23 Dec 2010

Maybe a bit unfair to hold a poll at this time,with the problems with the weather.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:03 23 Dec 2010

2 months ago I had to send an AV amplifier back as it was incompatible with my system. It was entirely my fault for being a complete gazooner and not reading the published spec. carefully and I had thrown away all the packaging. Applied to return online, printed off return label (to somewhere in Scotland I think)and was then taken to DHL online to book a pick up time and date. The driver arrived within 20 minutes of the specified time slot, parcel went back and 7 days later, after Amazon had examined the goods, my CC was credited with the full amount of £300. I will never buy from a 'real' shop again.


  SB23 19:45 23 Dec 2010

I have to admit that I've been surprised this year by the speed at which we have received all of our online goodies.
Dvd's were here in 2 days, clothing for my older 3, here in 4, games for my younger 2, 3 days, dog food I think was next day, and best of all most of what was purchased was free P&P.
Also I'd like to say that despite the nasty weather here in Horncastle and the surrounding Lincolnshire areas, all of the postie people including the couriers have been brilliant. I too normally prefer to buy local, but this year not doing that way has been alot easier.

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