How unusual is this?

  Brumas 11:44 30 May 2007

As normal I fed the fish (koi) this morning with their usual floating pellets. Generally, if they haven’t scoffed the lot within 10-15 minutes, I remove the surplus. Having said that I seldom need to do this as they are voracious little blighters and it disappears in a maelstrom of thrashing water and gaping mouths.

This morning it was pouring with rain and quite cold so I didn’t return to the pond until quite later and what I saw was quite remarkable. Our resident male blackbird (easily identifiable by his ‘mask’ of greyish-white facial feathers) was perched on one of the rocks and I saw him bob forward and eat at least 3 or 4, by now soggy, pellets!!??

  Sethhaniel 11:47 30 May 2007

A Heron bobbing forward to eat a soggy Carp ;)

  Brumas 12:29 30 May 2007

Don't even joke about it!!!! Touch wood, so far, I have not been visited by old Ardea Cinera and don't wish to be neither!

  wiz-king 12:56 30 May 2007

Something for the weekend fish keeper click here

i have a tank with three terrors who have had the misfortune of being my pets for a good few years now (if they could talk!) last week i was on here in the early hours, when this large moth? butterfly? i dont know large flapping insect came sailing through the window saw the lights on the tank and splooch!
i hate insects so went to the kitchen to fetch a suitable vessel to rescue the er, whatever it was, when i returned the only sign of it was a wing and a rather guilty looking, yet satisfied moby!

  Brumas 21:19 30 May 2007

Fortunately I do not have a heron problem at the moment *crosses fingers* but, as a deterrent I do have two strands of fishing line stretched around the pond's perimeter at different heights.

  Brumas 21:21 30 May 2007

That is why I always count my fingers after feeding my little lot ;o)

you know, every day, i get a pang of guilt. my fish appeared in my lounge one morning after a very heavy weekend. They are huge, i think they should live outside they started off in a large bowl, and grew
so i bought a big tank, they grew some more.
i now have a 19 gallon tank that break my back to clean it and i have to use 2 hands to lift the blighters (in a net) out of the water to park in the bath whilst i clean the tank.
they are about 9 inches long, very chunky with huge flowing fins.
they seem healthy enough, i just think they look bored, it makes me feel quite bad sometimes, but i suppose it's what they have always known, it's just well not much of a life is it?
i wonder if i should advertise them to someone with a pond perhaps, i would miss em, sounds crazy but they all have their different ways.

  Brumas 21:53 30 May 2007

I assume you do not have a garden otherwise you would have a pond of your own and enjoy your 'buddies' in their natural environment.

A possible solution may be to let them go to a 'good home' with the stipulation that you can see them now and again. Then you could start anew with either smaller fish or tropicals (not my cup of tea to be honest) and watch them grow at leisure.

i just wonder after 5 years, if the shock would kill them? suppose it's the fairest thing to do, i guess!

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