? how to unsubscribe to a thread in the forums, pls

  AroundAgain 20:46 07 Jul 2011


Could someone please explain how to unsubscribe to any particular thread? I have tried clicking on 'My Profile' but the link doesn't seem to work. Maybe this is just a temporary fault. Is 'My Profile' the place to be looking, though?

I'd be very grateful for some guidance, please

Many thanks

  birdface 21:15 07 Jul 2011

As long as the box is not ticked at the bottom of the reply to this topic box thats it.

  interzone55 21:42 07 Jul 2011

Normally if you post another response in the thread and ensure the tick-box above the post button is clear the emails should stop...

  AroundAgain 21:53 07 Jul 2011

Buteman, thanks.

However, that's ok if you are responding to an email - then the option is there. I did take a look to see if there was a tick below the reply box in the thread but it wasn't ticked, so that's not going to be of help.

I'm wanting to stop getting notifications to a thread that I contributed to at one time, and did put a tick in the box to be notified. Now don't want to get further notifications of replies to that particular thread.

I'm sure I have done it on the 'old' website but I'm stuck at the moment!

Alan14 Thanks. Your post has just come thru.

I don't want to add a further reply; I just want to stop getting notifications from that thread. Is sending a new reply the only way? Surely not ... There has to be a way, or other's would have been asking the same question by now! ;) I can't believe there isn't an easy way changing these.

Is 'My Profile' accessible to everyone else? The link doesn't work for me. I'll have another go at getting into 'My Profile'.

Thanks for anymore help

  birdface 15:09 08 Jul 2011

I believe you have to open the e-mail sent and there is a bit near the bottom which lets you click it to stop e-mails from said post.

I do not have an e-mail at the moment or would give you a better description of what you have to do.It lets you UNSUBSCRIBE from said e-mail

  HondaMan 15:50 08 Jul 2011

As buteman says, you have to click the "unsubscribe" link in the email advising you of a new post in whatever forum story you are watchiung. That will stop further emails to that subscription only, the others will continue.

  AroundAgain 17:59 08 Jul 2011

Buteman and HondaMan

Thanks very much. I have now seen the unsubscribe link in the email. I really appreciate your help with this.

However, just for information, I'm getting 'Site Error'when clicking that link, same as when I've clicked on 'My Profile' during the past couple of days.

I presume this is a temporary hiccough in relation to this new site and have sent an email to the webmaster.

Would, or could, one or both of you check if the same happens to you, please? Otherwise it might be my pc (although I can't see any reason for it to be just me!)

Thanks guys

  birdface 21:31 08 Jul 2011


I had the same problem a week or so ago with Site error so obviously not fixed yet.

  AroundAgain 23:28 08 Jul 2011

Thanks, Buteman Good to know it's not me, then!!! Thanks for posting that, too :)

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