How things has changed!

  josie mayhem 00:34 24 Oct 2006

This weekend I had both my son and youngest daughter to stay,my son turns up with back pack, which his skate board attached to it, in the main ruck sack he pulls out (apart from cloths)....

1 pair of hair straightners, 1 hair dryer, a can of mousee and a hard setting hair gel! he has spiked hair at the back of his head and the front reminds me of Paul Weller fringe!!!

My daughter turns up with pack pack, that contains a ruby kit, she had rubgy training the next day....

I feel sorry for there grandads, coming from a rugby family from both sides, there dad was also a rugby player... the grandads (and from my ex hubby side the only grandson) they get to watch there granddaughter play rugby and not the grandson!!!!

How things had changed! (and I must admit if at my daughters age I had a chance to play rugby I would have done)

  Koochy 00:36 24 Oct 2006

Its a funny old world josie but as long as the kids are happy thats the main thing.


  Cymro. 11:44 24 Oct 2006

My daughter is a right bolshy feminist and will be very glad to read the above as I will forward it to her, but feminist or not it is still her husband that does all the D.I.Y. Some of them seem to want things both ways.

  Forum Editor 19:20 24 Oct 2006

that we'll see no more disgraceful posts along the lines of the ones I've just deleted (along with some understandably censorious comments from other forum members).

Anyone who comes out with that sort of thing should be ashamed of themselves.

  ed-0 20:03 24 Oct 2006

" He had too, they were shocking! but now I look like a nutter!"

No you don't. Most of us read what was deleted and throughly agree with you.

  Koochy 20:19 24 Oct 2006

Thanks for the support even if the post has been deleted. I hope this now confirms to all that you are not a nutter just a normal human being with morals.
Sorry couldn't do the copyright sign on your name just don't know how to do one.


  Koochy 20:28 24 Oct 2006

It is possible to copy and paste peoples names (I thought it was only the text in the message content that could be copy and pasted) so no more excuses for me.


  [email protected] 20:36 24 Oct 2006

"It is possible to copy and paste peoples names "

You mean like Bob The Nob©

Then Yes you can.:o)

  Koochy 20:41 24 Oct 2006

Thanks for that, how much easier is that? than going bong eyed trying to find it on the keyboard and wondering if i had missed it somewhere.


  do-gull 20:44 24 Oct 2006

I think you are a nutter, as i did not get to read the offensive posts.
But whats wrong with being a nutter.

Ignore the posts if you read them,it is just totall ignorance.

  anskyber 20:54 24 Oct 2006

Well, I wish I had read this sooner.....or perhaps not.

Your thread set out a picture of our contemporary world. I can see immediately how some may have responded and if I am correct then it is no surprise the FE exercised the silver mouse.

Am I guessing here? Was it lazy good for nothings and silly remarks about gender and orientation? I somehow think I might be very close to the mark.

So josie worry not, your life may have aspects of mayhem, but I guess its a great one and your family give you much pleasure.

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