How stupid can some people get

  carver 11:39 30 Jun 2012

My neighbour has lived at the side of us for only about 18 months and why he moved here I do not know, his wife hates the dark nights (we back onto moors) he hates gardening (gardens over 120ft long) and they have an **18 month old child. **

So after having every plant and shrub ripped out he decides to sell the house but needs to brighten up the garden, what does he have planted, Foxglove all over the place, not small plants but mature plants some about to flower.

Reason being the garden centre was selling them off, and he got them cheap and the young bloke from the garden centre even said he would plant them for him cheap.

I've just had to warn him that his 18 month old was trying to eat them, had to shout at her to keep her away from the plants.

He didn't even know they could be harmful, just thought they looked nice.

  BT 08:17 01 Jul 2012

Nastiest thing I suffer from in my garden is Sun Spurge, a type of Euphorbia. The sap is very irritant.

I didn't wash my hands properly after pulling some out, and ended up in agony after rubbing my eyes. Won't do that again!!

Sun Spurge

  carver 09:58 01 Jul 2012

Forgive my ignorance but I thought that even the sap can be bad for a child, like a lot of things you do not have to put it in your mouth but contact through the skin can be enough to cause harm.

And who on this site would be prepared to find out the hard way.

  Forum Editor 10:09 01 Jul 2012


Don't eat your sweet peas. A few wouldn't hurt you, but eaten in large enough quantities they can make you very ill indeed.

There is a variety of edible sweet pea, but that's not what you will have.

  Aitchbee 10:20 01 Jul 2012

Thanks FE, some of the pods are nearly ready for picking...I will assume the bigger pods are the 'garden pea' variety.

  Aitchbee 11:26 01 Jul 2012

fourm member - Thanks for that...I won't chance it and will stick to the frozen varieties this year ;0]

  Aitchbee 09:15 04 Jul 2012

...had second thoughts ...the bigger podded peas are definitely the garden ones...just tried some, sorted!

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