how stupid am I - very

  not2day 07:05 29 May 2009

I am an anorexic of low body weight. I dont drink generally as a rule. You need to understand anorexia but what happened was I stepped on a scale did not like what I saw and had 3 home glasses of wine. Had to pick up a PC. Drove, PC owner phoned police and I was arrested and charged with DUI. Breath test 71.

I know I will lose my licence and be fined. I am on benefits. Can anyone tell me what to expect?

There is no point getting a solicitor as they can no longer change the outcome. Courts do not like drink drivers. I am certainly remorseful and will never repeat this again. It has no sunk in properly yet. This was 2 days ago and my court date is 9 June.


  ened 07:12 29 May 2009

There is every point in consulting a Solicitor because it will not cost you anything and he/she can advise you on all aspects of the case.

I don't think you can get free representation in court but the Solicitor can apprise you of the procedure, what to expect in the way of punishment and, most importantly, what you can say in mitigation!

  Kevscar1 07:45 29 May 2009

As you are double the limit it's possible you could do time.

  OTT_Buzzard 09:51 29 May 2009

Legal advice is a must....although a solicitor may not be able to change the past, they will certainly be able to present your case to the magistrates court in a way that may be listened to. Assuming that it is at the Magistrates Court?

  ened 09:56 29 May 2009

Further to Kevscar's comment.

I don't think they will jail you without asking for 'reports'.

You can't always get (Free) representation for this offence, but if a custodial sentence is a possibility then the duty solicitor will step in.

Being on benefits you should contact a Solicitor immediately and not wait until the day!

  donki 10:11 29 May 2009

It would be as stupid as drink driving itself if you didnt seek legal advice. The likely hood is you will lose your licence and be suspended from driving for a number of years as well as a fine.

  sunnystaines 10:37 29 May 2009

12 month ban and a fine in the region of £100 may be a lot more depends how soft the local magistrates are.

what will hit you is the steep rise on insurance after the ban.

had you had an accident you could have been required to pack your bags for bed and breakfast compliments of HMP.

you need to seek help re your anorexic condition hope you get this sorted for your long term health.

  :Past it 10:39 29 May 2009

Don't know how accurate you can take this to be.
click here but it may be a guide.

As advised above, legal advice is a must, they would/should know how to go about things like a 'Reduction based on attending a drink drive rehabilitation course'.

  :Past it 10:41 29 May 2009

Sorry link here click here

firstly im a good boy now and a recovering alcohlic of 4 years. I now have a (very) sensible car that gets me to and from my workplace. seven years ago i was done for drink driving, i also attacked one of the policemen, i the highest ever recorded level in the county. i was drinking 2/34 bottles of vodka a day at that time.
I'm ashamed of parts of my past, but im cetainly not going to hide it from anyone.
i went straight from the cell, unwashed for 3 days to court in one of those contract mobile prisons. when i got there i was advised to see the duty (Solicitor?)
I was suffering very badly with withdrawal at this time. This man told me i would get 9 to 12 months prison if i pleaded guilty, at best.
Iwas led out handcuffed behind a plastic shield, my very proud mother sitting in the room, still not sure how she knew where to find me, i wasn't allowed my phone call.
I asked the important looking lady, if i could speak, i explained all my problems, not coping with the loss of my father, being completely alcoholic for years.
And asked her if she would help me.

now im not suggesting you have a drink problem, im just saying what worked for me was to be brutally honest and force my case. It's very easy to be overwhelmed by the experience and my judge looked quite taken back by my asking to speak, if i had not, i am very sure my punishment would have been more harsh.
I got 12 months probation, realeased after 6 months, no fine, and a 2 year ban. i didn't speak to the duty solicicitor again.
Get advice, take it, but you know why you did it, you know it was wrong, you know how you can put the situation right, you just have to convince the judge.
Whats done is done, whatever the outcome turn it to your advantage, these are the things that make us strong.
i think you'll be ok.

2/3 bottles a day:)

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