How Strict

  mfletch 17:15 14 Sep 2009

How strict do you think a forum should be???

Only I've just been banned from Computeractive forum.


Posting the word Hole

After another member posted the word Arse

Yes it was childish but I think there going to far with this political correctness thing.

We won't be able to post anything next without it being scrutinized

Anyway whats your opinion!!!!

  Chegs ®™ 17:29 14 Sep 2009

Slightly off topic,but a golf game I play has a built in censor that removes wording that isnt offensive such as "pls hit the ball" as it can see the "s" before the "hit".I try to help others play but spending so long thinking of how to phrase instructions so that the game doesnt censor it often means the guys 1 minute timer to shoot has run out.

  peter99co 17:31 14 Sep 2009

I second the ban. I am broadminded but can see no value in using toilet humour on a forum. I bet the FE is not to immpressed either.

  Brumas 17:57 14 Sep 2009

With respect, we are adults contributing to a family-friendly forum - not kids in a playground.

  mfletch 18:00 14 Sep 2009

That's OK thats why I started the thread to get some constructive comments

The FE can edit my post and post his honest view on the subject {not as the FE} but as a forum member,

  Forum Editor 18:00 14 Sep 2009

and had you done the same thing in this forum you would have been banned here, too.

The one thing that really gets me going is what I call 'school toilet' humour - the kind of thing that you were supposed to grow out of when you were about 12 years old.

  Brumas 18:00 14 Sep 2009

OOOPPS - that should have been addressed to mfletch, sorry !!!!

  mfletch 18:21 14 Sep 2009

Like Ive said it was childish but we all have a little devilish in us from time to time.

  wolfie3000 19:08 14 Sep 2009

Nothing wrong with toilet humour,
But in a forum such as this one it is inappropriate.

Talking about games censoring words, the game perfect world has banned the word frag, dunno why though,
But is a problem when searching for element fragments as it comes out as element ****ments and can cause confusion with some players.

Ironicly though some really bad words do work in the game chat.

  dagnammit 23:25 14 Sep 2009

You also did something else that's apparently a taboo. You named the forum you're complaining about on here, ie a competitor forum. Normally mentioning a competitor will get you banned or flamed.

What you did was by pass swear filters... which normally gets you the ban hammer on most forums.

"We won't be able to post anything next without it being scrutinized"

It's all vetted by moderators on all forums... too much liability in letting members post what they want.

  spuds 01:39 15 Sep 2009

The problem is, were do you draw the line. Casual flippant remarks can escalate to the point of getting completely out of hand.

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