How to stop dogs from.......?

  rickf 18:22 13 Feb 2011

I have recently moved into a house and part of the front is paved for car parking. This area is skirted by approximately 3 feet of lawn. No gates to this area for obvious reasons. Some irresponsible dog walkers have allowed their dogs to enter and poo on the skirted lawn which I have to clear up. I don't think having a sign up would help as these, probably just one or two irresponsible owners, are people immuned to warnings. I am thinking of having the lawn taken up and cover it with gravel which dogs don't like to poo on. What do you think? Any other suggestions welcome. Very annoying and offensive.

  Covergirl 18:27 13 Feb 2011

Clean it up immediately and sprinkle washing powder over the affected area and the border with the footpath.

I believe the theory is that a sniff of the powder up a poochs nose will discourage them visiting again.

Obviously this solution is weather dependent (rain).

I would set up a webcam but it's very sporadic, perhaps 2 or three times a year.

  rickf 18:50 13 Feb 2011

Thanks for the suggestion. It happens almost every other week and I am sicked of having clear up. Not the dogs fault but these bloody owners.

  alB 19:02 13 Feb 2011

Bag it up, find out where the owners live and chuck it on their lawn, soon stopped the bloke in our road letting his dog foul on my garden ...alB

  peter99co 19:41 13 Feb 2011

Dried Lion Dung is supposed to put them off or is that Cats?

  Noldi 19:42 13 Feb 2011

Speak to your local council dog warden, they will find out who it is. I think its a £100 fine.


  sunnystaines 19:53 13 Feb 2011

dogs sniff before they dump, a generous portion of hot chilli powder scattered over the lawn would soon tell the dog its a no go area to return to.

  ventanas 22:03 13 Feb 2011

Or try what I did with a persistant offender. Waited for them to perform, took photographs during said performance, and then followed them to their home where I took further photographs showing the address where they lived. These were submitted to the local authority, and with the statements of other neighbours who had also had enough of this woman (It was an anormnous dog so you can imagine the result) she was prosecuted and heavily fined. Neither she or the dog has been seen since.
I should add that I always pick up when my little chihuahua fouls outside.
In the meantime pepper dust or chilli powder, as suggested, may discourage the dog.
The maximum fine by the way is £1000.

  rickf 23:17 13 Feb 2011

Thanks for all the suggestions. Sorting out the best option. Haven't been able to catch the culprit, fool, idiot etc.,

  interzone55 10:11 14 Feb 2011

I wouldn't put gravel down, as you may find it becomes a giant cat litter tray.

Sprinkle white pepper on the grass, that seems to discourage dogs...

  numskull 10:42 14 Feb 2011

Save your money and don't gravel. My dogs poo on the gravel in the garden. It doesn't put them off.

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