How to stimulate sales.........not

  Grey Goo 07:54 03 Feb 2009
  Mike D 08:08 03 Feb 2009

... I have been looking at the new Honda Jazz; price of the 1.4 EX model before reduction in VAT rate was £12790, price now £12990.

  newman35 09:01 03 Feb 2009

... and how many people will be paying the 'list' prices in the present economic climate?

  interzone55 09:02 03 Feb 2009

These companies are not alone - anyone who deals with suppliers in the US or the Euro-Zone is suffering badly due to the tumbling £.

I've seen prices increases of around 15% from some of my suppliers over the last few weeks...

  jack 09:27 03 Feb 2009

Do with the money?
Put into the general 'pot' I guess so that they can keep filling all the airfields.
or use it to keep workers idle[Honda/Jag/LR]
Better perhaps the money should have been paid out to Fleet Buyers and and the like to help clear the cars stored,- which would then release young cars to market to us plebs to buy.

  interzone55 12:54 03 Feb 2009

Jack has a point.

Round my way the police are still running 52 registered cars, because they can't afford to replenish the fleet.

I know police forces generally use Ford & Vauxhall, but couldn't they buy some of the Honda Accords & Civics currently clogging up Bristol docks?

Surely using some of the EU loan money to fund a large scale purchase by the Police would a) stimulate the market & b) clear some of the docks and airfields of unsold cars...

  perpetual motion 13:18 03 Feb 2009

"JACK" yeah i agree there just fields & fields of cars & im not sure if its greed or just a huge company's was of generating business but im sure a few more will close soon, As for the price increase.?? i thought it would of gone the other way.?? thats really going to encourage people isnt it putting another £250+ on a car.??

  Monoux 20:13 03 Feb 2009

Well they've seen the banks get bailed out and still not lending and paying large bonuses and basically sticking two fingers up to those that bailed them out-- so a bandwagon has been created and the car industry has simply jumped on it

  Chegs ®™ 05:00 04 Feb 2009

Car manufacturing must be a tough business.Years ago,people bought 1 car and its fit & finish was crap,it was unreliable thus going anywhere was risky.Now,modern cars are extremely reliable and full of gadgets to make ownership a pleasure.Because of their reliability,nobody needs change their car but they did due to all the credit on offer.The credit vanishes and few can afford to buy new cars,so the car manufacturers increase prices.There's something in this tale I dont understand so I'll post this & go think about it some more.....not.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:58 04 Feb 2009

To be truthful, anyone buying a new car today and paying the full price really cannot be trusted with money and deserves to be fleeced. You can buy Range Rover Sports for AT LEAST 25%-30% off and if you are buying any large car for cash you can virtually name your price especially at auction. Take some self-responsibility and start negotiating.


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