How to siphon petrol frommy old car?

  rickf 20:13 27 Oct 2010

I have just bought another car and am going to sell my old one but it has almost a full tank in it. How or what device can I use to siphon out petrol from my old one so I can use it in the new car? Thanks

  GJC60 20:27 27 Oct 2010

I did it many times years ago with just a length of plastic hose. Just parked cars with filler caps as close as possible, then put one end in old tank and suck other till petrol flows out then stuff quickly in new tank. You get some petrol in your mouth but can spit that out and as long as you dont swallow wont hurt you. Dont have a fag after wards though lol. My daughter was there thought it was very funny her dad getting a mouth full of 4 star

  karmgord 20:30 27 Oct 2010

Any pipe that will push into the tank,to siphon the outlet MUST be LOWER than the fuel level.
You can either suck the fuel (very unpleasant if enters mouth)up or use a cheap plastic pump.

If you live in LONDON check first whether the firemen are either on strike or all dismissed :- )

  OTT_B 20:39 27 Oct 2010

Providing it doesn't have an anti-siphon valve in it, any old length of hose pipe will do you. Suction can be provided to start the process of either from your mouth....not recommended, but I can't think of any other safe way without specific kit.

If the car has an anti sphon on it you'll need to either disconnect a hose to bypass, or remove the pump module from the tank (usually under the back seats) to gain access.

Note what karmgord says. It will take a while to drain all the fuel as well.

  peter99co 20:43 27 Oct 2010

Why not sell the car with an extra few bob added for the full tank.

  lotvic 20:49 27 Oct 2010

You are talking a lot of petrol there. Very Dangerous. It is the fumes that ignite.

Not worth the risk, sell the petrol with the car as per peter99co's suggestion.

  rickf 20:53 27 Oct 2010

Good idea. It's an old car and the extra petrol may well be a selling point. On 2nd thought it's not worth the hassle.
Many thanks

  gartoy 23:07 27 Oct 2010

The old car will probably have lots of debris in the bottom of the fuel tank & if you siphon by sticking a pipe down into the bottom of the tank you will pick it all up & quickly clog the fuel filter in your new car.

  Quickbeam 07:39 28 Oct 2010

Even if the value of the fuel in the tank represented the last 50 quid in my life, nothing would induce me to ever have another mouthful of fuel!

  jack 09:07 28 Oct 2010

When I purchased my 5 year old car in April it came with half a tank of diesel.
I am sure the dealer would have had that out if it was worth the hassle to him.

  birdface 12:41 28 Oct 2010

The price of fuel now I would try and remove it.
You used to be able to buy a little plastic pump that would fit in an electric drill.
Mind you that was probably meant for pumping water.

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