How ridiuclous can you get

  Kevscar1 07:41 17 Nov 2012

Evidently they are considering passing a law to ban teenagers carrying passengers who are not part of their family. How many thousands are still driving around texting and talking on their mobile this would be yet another unenforcable law

  Forum Editor 11:13 22 Nov 2012


" my day we accepted the rules of the game, and the 'naughty step' or loss of the £100 trainers reward (for the time being) as a punishment didn't come into it."

You accepted the rules because you had no say in the matter - children never do. That doesn't mean that violence has ever been the right solution though. In the past people had no choice but to accept violence as a form of punishment, and as a result society was actually more violent than today. Women were routinely beaten by men, and child cruelty was rife. Both still occur, but on nothing like the same scale.

We live in more enlightened times, and we know that hitting children is wrong. Bullying a child into submission is a coward's way of achieving a result, and it is never a solution - the bullied child harbours resentment, and is more likely to become a bullying parent.

I agree with your view that inept parents tend to see their children's behaviour as someone else's problem - they abdicate responsibility and blame schoolteachers, or society as a whole when their offspring go off the rails. The fact is, parental responsibility is sometimes difficult,as any parent knows. It's hard work at times, but hitting as a response to bad behaviour is never the answer.

  spuds 12:01 22 Nov 2012


Perhaps we should look at this from another angle, and see the A&E Department statistics for muggings, stabbings and shootings among the the younger generations, especially for those who regard 'respect' as a part of gang membership. Most of their parent's (if either party can be found or involved) have given up on their offspring, because society and the 'do-gooders' will not allow these said parent's to be totally responsible, if they wanted to do so.

I have witnessed on many occasions, the young 4/5 year old telling their mother to FO, and the mother hasn't batted an eyelid, because I suppose she is 'training' her child or children to use the word as an everyday speaking pattern. Go to any 'sink' estate, and ask if the kids there knew the telephone number of the Police or NSPCC, because if a person raises their voice to a child nowadays, they are likely to be threatened that they will be reported.

You may obviously totally disagree with my views, but that is possibly because I am of the old hat brigade who was 'educated' to respect my elders and others, and not just myself. As I have stated earlier, I was chastised as a child, rather severely on more than one occasion. But I can truly say, that it never did me any real lasting harm or fear of my parent. In fact it brought the very opposite.

When we have a society, that as social workers who are constantly complaining about overwork and under paid, and at the same time defending their actions like the Shoesmith saga, then something must be seriously very wrong?.

  morddwyd 12:36 22 Nov 2012

"Bullying a child into submission is a coward's way"

There is a vast difference between bullying, i.e. real violence, and gentle chastisement when normal reasoning has failed,which most people are referring to here.

I don't suppose I struck my son more than half a dozen times in his life, never anywhere but on the buttocks, never hard enough to mark the skin, and never hard enough to hurt. He already had so much respect, not fear, for me that the very fact that I did such a thing was enough to show him how upset I was.

That was not instilling fear but as much a part of my love for him as the hug he subsequently got when all was forgiven.

Perhaps we should forget the emotive language and recognize that while no-one is advocating violence against children, or anyone else for that matter (I don't even care to watch boxing) there are genuinely held differing fields of thought on this.

  lotvic 12:47 22 Nov 2012

Bing.alau I think it is because you used ` at each end of text instead of ' or "

what do you think?

  carver 15:45 22 Nov 2012

This is the reason accident statistics are so bad enter link description here for younger people, I think a smack on the back of the forehead wouldn't have gone amiss with any of these.

  Aitchbee 16:05 22 Nov 2012

Toys like these ... which are suitable for 3-year-olds and over

... probably don't help matters :o[

  Aitchbee 16:07 22 Nov 2012

try the above link, please.

  Aitchbee 16:09 22 Nov 2012

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