How to pronounce 'Santander'?

  Graham. 23:23 13 May 2011

On the telly, they say 'Santan dare'.

Thats not how it's spelt. If the French want us to call it that, they should rename it 'Santandaire'.

  TonyV 23:30 13 May 2011


I think they are Spanish and the general pronunciation is as you say San tan dare.


  rdave13 23:41 13 May 2011

I'd pronounce it San-tan-duh.

  Strawballs 23:56 13 May 2011

Yes they are Spanish and are sponsors for Ferrari and McLaren

  Forum Editor 00:11 14 May 2011

The correct pronunciation is 'San tan dare' as suggested by TonyV

  Graham. 00:14 14 May 2011

I just find it annoying.

  rdave13 00:21 14 May 2011

Graham. Oh dear. 'San tan dare' then. You've converted one so that's one less thing to be annoyed about and I'm sure you'll sleep better. About the rest of the UK's population, then, I have no idea.

  wee eddie 03:34 14 May 2011

Rem3ember The Eagle Comic and that little green man The Mekon!

It's "San Dan Dare"

  spuds 10:45 14 May 2011

Whatever the way you pronounce the name, I noticed that they had a bit of a bashing again in this weeks Watchdog program.

If you have a major stores credit card that is administered by Santander, then check to see if there is a monthly £10.00 'dormancy' fee for not using the card. Apparently Santander will not use this extra channel for gaining revenue and profit, but it still remains as part of their terms and conditions for card usage?.

  Pine Man 11:51 14 May 2011

Dormancy fees are being considered by ALL the major credit card companies not just San Tan Der Dohhh!

  johndrew 12:02 14 May 2011

"Whatever the way you pronounce the name, I noticed that they had a bit of a bashing again in this weeks Watchdog program."

Given my experience with them - they 'lost' our money for over 6 months and denied having it even when proof was provided - they deserve every bit of pressure to get themselves sorted that can be given. Even their compensation rates - worked out at less than the interest lost - is not good.

Needless to say I no longer have any dealings with them and all my family have followed as they had no wish to risk the experience I had. So they can pronounce 'Santander' any way they want.

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