How Pathetic!

  snowy30 00:39 13 Feb 2007

Sky warns cable customers they are thinking of pulling the plug on Sky One and Sky News 'unless a new carriage agreement is reached.'

The satellite broadcaster has inserted adverts into the cable feeds of some of its channels inviting cable customers to call Virgin Media about the situation. Sky One, Sky News, Sky Sports News and Sky Travel would potentially be pulled from the platform if the two parties are unable to reach a new agreement.

A statement from Sky says it believes it is requesting a fair price from Virgin Media to carry the channels, which reflects their "proposed new terms and considerable value."

The statement said: “We want our basic channels to remain available to NTL-Virgin customers and we’re working towards a new agreement that will keep them on air. We want to avoid disruption for customers who enjoy these channels but, ultimately, it is NTL-Virgin’s choice. We’d urge cable customers who feel strongly about this situation to tell NTL-Virgin what they think.”

A spokesman from Sky also said that it would like to be able to offer more of its channels on the platform, like Artsworld and Sky Three.

But many have also expressed "disgust" at Sky's tactics and are urging others to complain to Ofcom and the Advertising Standards Authority about the advert.

Last week, Sky warned it would be pulling its three free-to-air channels off the digital terrestrial platform, to make way for subscription-based services.

That means we won't be able to watch 24, Stargate SG-1 and Lost :o(

  snowy30 00:41 13 Feb 2007

So much for kicking ass as they have claimed

  snowy30 00:42 13 Feb 2007

Of all the years we'd been with NTL, Virgin takes over them and this happens.

  Kate B 00:46 13 Feb 2007

Pfft, Murdoch was always going to try and spike Branson's guns. Branson wants to be a big media player - look at his attempt to buy a chunk of ITV last year and Murdoch's move to thwart that - and the two are the big boys competing in a very lucrative playground. You should not be at all surprised by this. There will be more to come.

  STREETWORK 07:24 13 Feb 2007

Smells of 'Ransom' to me...

  tullie 07:53 13 Feb 2007

Sky are in business to sell a product

  WhiteTruckMan 08:22 13 Feb 2007

with his advertisers-chopping off a large chunk of viewers!


  jack 08:24 13 Feb 2007

Me and I dare say a goodly chunk of the populace care not a jot.
We are not cabled. it all stopped 500 yard away with only the pipes laid no cable in it, years ago because of an alleged scam between the cable co and the laying contractors.
And the programme content is tosh.
So what do we care

  bremner 08:32 13 Feb 2007

You say "Of all the years we'd been with NTL, Virgin takes over them and this happens"

Virgin have not taken over NTL.

NTL have bought Virgin Mobile and the right to use the name Virgin Media.

This has been brewing for many months. Sky have refused to supply NTL:Telewest with it's HD sport and movies service for months.

As others have said this is a very lucrative market. Sky have lost the exclusive rights to football from next season, their biggest earner, so it is no surprise that they are playing hard ball.

  lisa02 10:53 13 Feb 2007

I'm glad I ditched nthell and went back to Sky.

  MichelleC 12:35 13 Feb 2007

This is precisely why I wanted Branson to get a bigger slice of the cake.

If only one player has a monopoly on a broadcasting empire such as Sky they can do what they want. Competition is healthy, it's good for quality and for the punters.

Out of 50 - 60 channels there's only about 10 which are worth viewing, unless you're paying a lot for films and sport.

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