How often does your network crash?

  Legolas 13:35 08 Aug 2005

Hi all I am at work and the LAN has crashed so we are all twiddling our thumbs till the technicians? get it up and running again. As I am bored I thought I would conduct a straw poll. "How often does the network you use in work crash and how does this affect your output?"

  Aspman 16:26 08 Aug 2005

I've been here 9 months and no downtime during working hours at all.

Exchange has gone off for an hour or two same with the internet when the cable was cut but no total network failures.

  Legolas 17:56 08 Aug 2005

Well we got up and running after an outage of 2hrs. I must stress this was the fault of a hardware failure in our main server and all our offices throughout the UK were affected. The nature of our business makes it virtually impossible to do any work when our servers go down, so we lost a lot of manhours

  wiz-king 18:07 08 Aug 2005

Loose the wireless in the old office building about once a month, just have to turn it off then let it reboot, havent lost the wireless in the new building in over a year (except when the leccie board lost the mains for a day then nowt was working after the UPS ran out0!

  stalion 18:52 08 Aug 2005

mine never crashes I haven't got one

  Chegs ® 21:19 08 Aug 2005

My network rarely gives trouble now,although working round several PC's on the network and reconfiguring each NIC to cease being switched off by the OS (as it reckoned it wasn't in use)took me ages to suss out,why these PC's would suddenly and at varying times simply vanish from the network. :-)

  Sir Radfordin 22:52 08 Aug 2005

I'm guessing we have some kinda of problem once every couple of months. Running a WAN over about 6 sites and often it is just one of the sites that is affected but still has significant consequences. Problems likey to be even worse when we switch to VoIP!

  octal 23:02 08 Aug 2005

The NHS network is pretty trouble free, its mostly the users who cause the problems with their individual terminals.

  Legolas 18:04 09 Aug 2005

It just shows how some industries are more or less totally dependant on a network to operate. When ours went down we had upwards of 50 people unable to do anything and that was only our office but as the network was down UK wide I hate to think how many people were affected.

  Forum Editor 01:02 10 Aug 2005

is now completely wireless, and (touch huge amounts of wood) hasn't crashed once yet. My wireless home network hasn't put a foot wrong either.

In truth they are both fairly small - 7 machines in the office and four at home - so I wouldn't expect a problem. It's a different matter with some of my clients however, some of them have hundreds of desktops, and I've been at the scene of some spectacular crashes.

  recap 10:49 10 Aug 2005

Here at work ours hasnt crashed for quite a while now. The only problem I have with it at the moment is a time sync. Some client machines won't sync with the PDC. One clients clock (under the BIOS) was set to the previous day???

All this started happening after a Windows Update. A quick fix for it at the moment, until I can trace the problem, is to do a Network ID on the client.

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