How often do you clear out the old PCA's?

  Beth 17:14 23 May 2007

I'm a hoarder. My husband, bless him, gave up the battle long ago. So, when he starts making comments like "If they (the mags) don't move out soon, we'll have to", I reckon it's time for me to give a little.

I won't say how far back my collection went but it's taken several months of 'one last browse' to get to 2006. Obviously, a lot of the stuff was no longer useful but I've found quite a few bits and pieces in the advice columns. Sadly, it means that my precious mags are reduced to a little bundle of clippings. On the other hand, there's all that lovely space just waiting to be filled up again!

How far back does your collection go?

  Jimmy14 17:41 23 May 2007

Got about 40 editions stashed in my filing cabinet:)). Not thought of throwing them out as they contain useful information.

  Blackhat 18:23 23 May 2007

I don't have the room to hoard, every few months I re-cycle them to my local pc shop who gives them out to kids who ask for old pc mags.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:55 23 May 2007

I think mine go back to the last century.

Must clear that attic out soon.


  TopCat® 19:04 23 May 2007

March or April of the following year. I have to keep a weight limit for my overhead wall shelving even though it is well supported. I don't fancy a sudden splitting headache!! :o) TC.

  spuds 19:09 23 May 2007

I have a number of computer magazines that must go back many years. The more easily accessible copies that I had in storage, were thrown out a couple of years ago. Just found a copy of Computer Shopper Issue 126, dated August 1998, plus a copy of PC Format Issue 84, dated July 1998, plus PC Direct and PC Plus of about same vintage, haven't dug deep enough for any PCA magazines.Looks like a reminder for another big clear out, and putting the magazines and some other things to good use in the local recycling scheme.

  powerless 19:10 23 May 2007

I throw out last months when the current month comes throgh the door. I'm efficent...

  Curio 19:32 23 May 2007

My old copies are passed on to son when he gets back from Saudi (every 3 or 4 months). Iused to clip out the bits I may need, but nowadays having Manuals on W95, W98 and WXP I no longer bother.

  Beth 21:23 23 May 2007

Good to know I'm not the only one!

Blackhat - Sounds like a good idea. I hadn't thought of that.

  si_l 22:37 23 May 2007

I think after a year of loyal subscription, PCA should send you a DVD with PDA's of each edition on, then you could have them all on a disc and could re-cycle your magazines, and who know, a few days later, it could be another PCA magazine! The possibilities are endless...

Computeractive gave out a disc with the past 30 or so magazines with a new subscription, I got the disc with 3 mags for £0.03 then canceled my direct debit hehe!

  si_l 22:39 23 May 2007

Sorry that was meant to be "PCA should send you a DVD with PDF's..."


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