How often do I check my Inbox?

  pj123 14:19 19 Jun 2007

I don't have to. My PC is setup to flag me whenever I receive an email. I get an Icon in the System Tray. It also used to play a jingle but I stopped that. (Woke everybody up).

Has to be better than physically checking every so often?

  wolfie3000 14:23 19 Jun 2007

I have Joanna lumley warn me when i recieve E-Mails,
Oh the joys of AOL.

  pj123 14:28 19 Jun 2007

wolfie3000, so did I when I was on AOL but only when first logging on? She never butted in while surfing to tell me that another email had arrived.

  Jak_1 14:29 19 Jun 2007

Me too, far easier.

  wee eddie 14:30 19 Jun 2007

Where and how did you get that one.

Do you think that I could get Francoise Hardie to tell me that I've got another advert for Viagra!

  €dstowe 15:00 19 Jun 2007

I have ePrompter to check for me. It does it every 30 minutes.

  Cymro. 15:40 19 Jun 2007

I use BT Yahoo and unfortunately they don`t have any way of letting you know if a new Email

has arrived. I have thought of switching to Outlook Express and then installing something

like Mail Washer as I am given to understand there would then be an icon in the system

tray on the arrival of new Email. It is something I should get round to but for all the

Emails I get it hardly seems worth the bother. So I just check for new Emails when I

first log on for the day and then before I log off last thing.

  Kate B 15:44 19 Jun 2007

As someone with the attention span of a particularly inattentive gnat, I check my email every few minutes when I'm working in an office and only have access to webmail. At home, Outlook checks every two minutes for me.

  wallbash 16:23 19 Jun 2007

Google prog called pop peeper
Use any wav file to announce arrival of email.

  wiz-king 16:30 19 Jun 2007

I have a very sexy voice from UKonline whisper to me 'you have new mail'.

  paul trotter 16:37 19 Jun 2007

Good point about Outlook flagging up new emails in the System Tray. However, do you immediately switch to your inbox to read the full email and reply to it? I suffer from a short attention span too - but I try not to get drawn in by new emails more than once every fifteen minutes or so. Otherwise I'd get nothing done at all.

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