How not to behave part 11

  hssutton 09:56 08 Mar 2009

Let's hope we don't meet this idiot on the roads.

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  newman35 10:22 08 Mar 2009

Where are parts, 2 to 10??
We need to know.

  last starfighter 10:41 08 Mar 2009

This guy is a clea IDIOT!
if this isnt a wake up call to fools like this then he needs too be banned for MANY years too come!!

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  jack 10:41 08 Mar 2009

In the Ditch most likely.
Glad to note the event did not take place here

  carver 11:09 08 Mar 2009

I just hope that his behaviour adds him to the Darwin Awards click here before he kills some one.

  WhiteTruckMan 11:16 08 Mar 2009

"I was just bored, this wasn't anything special. We all do this - we sing, while we're driving."

No we don't. Just the mentally retarded ones. No doubt when the cops catch up with him he will get nothing more than a 'dont do it again' warning. I'm not going to go off on a rant/tirade about how stupid etc, or list what could go wrong, and so forth. Its tempting to rail against the (sometimes) far lower standards of foreign trucks and drivers, but really, whats the point? Authorities anywhere really dont seem to care. Unless you happen to be a british driver, then you are fair game for all and sundry.

If there's truly any justice in this world, then this guys family will be wiped out by someone else doing the same thing, because 'everyone else does it too'.

Harsh thoughts? Yes. Uncalled for? Yes. Likely to happen? Not to this guys family.

Welcome to the real world.


  carver 11:32 08 Mar 2009

Now just seen this click here

Don't know if it's true but I could get stopped every day, from one extreme to the other.

  WhiteTruckMan 11:43 08 Mar 2009

is for it to be an offence to drive while being a miserable sod, and I'm stuffed.


  Quickbeam 11:58 08 Mar 2009

If laughing & driving can be an offence, then smoking & driving can't be far behind.

Nose pickers beware...

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:04 08 Mar 2009

We can only hope that when he comes unstuck driving like this, that he drives into a ditch or something solid, not into a bus full of kids.

  jack 12:34 08 Mar 2009

What to Truck Train drivers in Oz do?

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