How not to behave

  carver 08:44 06 Mar 2009

Just seen this click here and I am amazed that any body can think that this is the way to behave.

She must be a complete idiot, it doesn't matter how strongly you might feel about some thing, this cannot be correct.

  interzone55 08:53 06 Mar 2009

There's a clue in the second word of the group's name.

They're much the same a Fathers4Justice - they act before they think...

  newman35 08:54 06 Mar 2009

Was she arrested? Just said she calmly walked away.

  Legolas 08:57 06 Mar 2009

Can't see anything wrong with it myself. It made a point and no-one was anyone that throws custard at Mandelson is OK in my book.

  sunnystaines 08:57 06 Mar 2009

he is lucky it was not acid.

she is lucky she was not arrested.

he is not popular round this way over the airport expansion of LHR.

  crosstrainer 09:00 06 Mar 2009

...In custardy :))

  newman35 09:04 06 Mar 2009

"Can't see anything wrong with it myself."

So you are happy for anyone to walk up to you in the street and throw custard over you??
Grow up!

  JanetO 09:05 06 Mar 2009

Her target should have been 'Buff' Hoon. He's the minister who wants the third runway.

  wiz-king 09:05 06 Mar 2009

Stop egging her on, she will be milking it for years. You will be calling her a tart soon.

  bremner 09:25 06 Mar 2009

She has absolutely achieved her objective of publicising the seeming hypocrisy of a man and government who want to promote "greenness" at the same time as building a runway that will massively increase pollution.

It is the main point on all news channels and we are debating it here.

  carver 09:35 06 Mar 2009

I believe that to protest about some thing you or I might consider to be wrong is a right that every body in any, country should have.

What I do not believe in is to cause harm in any form to any body, no matter how much you dislike that person. I might have a very old fashioned and out of date way at looking at this sort of thing, but it hasn't done her cause any good what so ever.

Now all people will think is that this group is just a bunch of idiots.

I do not like the person, but he should not have to put up with this sort of action, or any body.

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