How the NHS can save bundles of cash

  interzone55 17:05 04 Feb 2011

Simply sack all the junior managers, just like in any other organisation they perform absolutely no useful task beyond shielding the senior management from staff & customers.

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  Forum Editor 17:11 04 Feb 2011

they perform absolutely no useful task beyond shielding the senior management from staff & customers."

I sense that you have lost touch with reality.

  interzone55 17:15 04 Feb 2011

No I haven't, I've spent several years working in medium and large organisations.

Huge numbers of managers in many businesses could be removed with no noticeable effect on productivity.

Ours for instance - two years have been spent planning the install of SAP, with 20-25 people on the planning team, but only 5 on the implementation team and we're now suffering massively because the install was botched over Christmas...

  BT 17:18 04 Feb 2011

I was waiting in the Eye Clinic a couple of months ago when two women came into the reception area and after a few minutes briefing took over the desk while the 'resident' pair went off, presumably on a break, to return about 30 mins later, whereupon the standins departed.

Presumably this is happening all over the hospital two or 3 times a day in each department. I wonder just how many people are employed just wandering around doing relief work like this.

When I was working, at break times, me and my colleague would take it in turns to have our breaks and the other would cover the job alone for a while. Surely the hospital reception staff could manage alone for 30 mins or so. Its not as if there aren't other people around and its not exactly the sort of job were 2 people are necessary on H&S grounds.

  BT 17:27 04 Feb 2011

A similar situation occurred where I worked. A large planning team in a specially fitted out office for a similar period of time, and at the end of it all only a couple of people who really understood what it was all about and how it all worked.

What a disaster it was, training was minimal and it limped along with people only allowed access to bits that applied to them and constantly having to call upon the couple of people who knew how it all worked.

I'm sure SAP is excellent software but it really needs to be properly implemented by professionals and PROPER training given to the end users.

  Forum Editor 17:33 04 Feb 2011

in many businesses could be removed with no noticeable effect on productivity."

That's your opinion, and it may well be the case, but it's a bit different from "Simply sack all the junior managers" isn't it?

I also spend a lot of time working with businesses - some of them are very large indeed, and some are quite small. I see incompetent junior managers, but I see lots of incompetent senior managers as well. I would never make a statement as sweeping and as incorrect as yours.

  jakimo 17:45 04 Feb 2011

It would be logical for this particular Junior Manager to be first in line if redundancies were being considered

  spuds 18:41 04 Feb 2011

I know when our council tendered out the contract for park and leisure area maintenance, the council workers were transfered to the new company or were offered redundancy. Thirteen managers and a number of other people lost their jobs, or were reduced to lower ranks. Caused a big outcry at the time, mainly by those effected. The same thing happened with refuse collection.

But having mentioned reception areas in hospitals, I have often wondered why it take two or more to 'welcome' or shuffle papers?.

  octal 18:48 04 Feb 2011

I think there are other ways to save money, that is to close a hospital. It seems when the money that normally goes to the hospital is given to GP's there is going to be a £1bn deficit they will inherit.

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Interesting times, I'm glad I don't work for the NHS anymore, I'm still a contractor in the NHS so if it does go belly up I'll move onto something else, or retire, if they let me ;)

  Forum Editor 18:53 04 Feb 2011

to 'welcome' or shuffle papers?."

My wife's clinic is pretty busy, and the various problems associated with reception staff are a regular dinner table topic in our house. Apparently it's essential to have at least two people behind the desk, and there's a good deal more involved than saying 'welcome' and shuffling papers.

It's a private clinic, so there are credit card payments to be processed, patient records to be updated, X-Rays to be filed, nervous patients to be calmed, coffee and tea to be made and handed out, forms to be filled in, letters to be written, and a plethora of other jobs to be done. Getting people who can handle all that efficiently,turn up for work on time and be nice to patients, keep the medical professionals happy, and be computer literate is a nightmare on a private clinic; goodness knows what it's like in a hospital, where the pay and conditions aren't as good.

  morddwyd 19:57 04 Feb 2011

Lance Corporals, Corporals and junior Sergeants (and their equivalents) are classed as "junior managers"

Get rid of all of them and you'd sure as hell notice a difference.

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