How much online video do you watch?

  PC Advisor 11:48 17 May 2010

YouTube is one of the great success stories of the internet era. As the site turns five, we want to know how often you view video online - not just on YouTube, but on iPlayer, 4OD or elsewhere.

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  David Price 11:59 17 May 2010

Of course.

  bremner 14:18 17 May 2010

It has to be the case that use will be dependent upon a user BB connection.

My use of iPlayer has changed by necessity since moving house and going from Virgin 20Mb unlimited to BT 2.5Mb with a 10GB a month limit.

  interzone55 14:26 17 May 2010

2bn people a day watching dancing kittens, I wonder if this is what the US military had in mind when then built Arpanet????

  Quickbeam 14:51 17 May 2010

2 0r 3 hours a week, that's about the same as hours of TV watched for me.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:59 17 May 2010

I've not used my HD recorder for over a year now, recording programmes is so twentieth century - just watch Catch Up TV, BBC Iplayer, 4od, ITV player and 5 player.


  Chegs ®™ 10:27 18 May 2010

I too watch lots of online TV,so much online TV did I watch before xmas one year that I had to purchase additional bandwidth(fortunately,no longer on such a low bandwidth cap though this was still 25Gbs and am presently on 40Gb cap)

  Seth Haniel 13:22 18 May 2010

Youtube or otherwise.
some night I'll have a youtube night which can stretch to 3 hours or more.

but mainly have music on as I can have that in background as I get on with other things

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