How much money have you ever won

  packettracer 12:04 01 Aug 2006

Once won £145 on the Grand National on a 50p each way on six horses.

  SG Atlantis® 12:12 01 Aug 2006

£200 on a Monopoly scratchcard.

  Sic 12:25 01 Aug 2006

Won about £500 in Hong kong at the Happy Valley horse Races!! Put on £2 on 250-1 total long won!

This does not make up for my awesome losing streak at Ascot though!

  Colin 12:50 01 Aug 2006

£120 on a slot machine in Sun City in South Africa with my first go. I quit whilst I was ahead!

  tenplus1 12:54 01 Aug 2006

I've won £120, £20 and a lot of £5 CD-Wow vouchers while playing games on click here

and for anyone who decided to join up and give it a go... please enter my email as referer ( Ta!

  Mad Gilbert 13:22 01 Aug 2006

I once one €1750 on the Maynooth Town FC lotto. I'd just finished the college year and hadn't even enough money to get the bus to collect the cheque! Couldn't have been better timed- it allowed me to head to London for the summer and spend some interesting weeks working at the Royal Festival Hall to pay for the following year at college.

  wolfie3000 13:39 01 Aug 2006

£2,000 in a lan tournament playing counter strike.

  wiz-king 14:03 01 Aug 2006

I have had several emails saying that I have won the microsoft lottery.

  Sic 14:42 01 Aug 2006

You must play some serious CS to win that kind of cash. What clan are you in?

  Sapins 14:42 01 Aug 2006

Not counting this Saturday, £20 on same site as tenplus1.

  Bingalau 15:35 01 Aug 2006

I won a jar of Brillcream once in a raffle, because I am as bald as a coot I put it back in for a re-draw. Guess what? I won it again.. I think it was someone taking the mickey. Also, when stationed in Hong-Kong we used to go to the big Tombola/Bingo session in the China Fleet Club every Friday night, where it was serious money, four of us used to go regularly and never got a sniff. Then owing to being on duty one friday night the others went without me and won thousands of dollars. I certainly took some stick over that and it took a long time to get over the name of "Jinx" ..Bingalau..

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