how much does bill gates earn?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 20:39 25 Jan 2005

a freind of mine tells me he earns 1.7 million a second.i don't believe him.anybody know?

  stalion 20:43 25 Jan 2005

don't know but he definately earns more than me lol

  Dan the Confused 20:48 25 Jan 2005

Not quite that much, $250 a second, $20m a day or $7.8bn a year - almost as much as FE!

  Bapou 20:51 25 Jan 2005

I wouldn't argue with your friend, if Mr Gates can afford to give as he is doing so then his earnings must be close.

click here

click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:14 25 Jan 2005

as the enemy should look at Bapou's links, especially the second, and think about what he is doing with his profits. The US government pledged less money to help the tsunami victims than the Gates Foundation's latest donation.

  fuzzyone 21:24 25 Jan 2005

Mr Mistoffelees,

in full agreement, I saw this in the press over the last couple of days, and this is a regular occurrence with the foundation.

Few people rarely see this side of this man, and he has my utmost respect for the charity work he does. (but rarely gets credit for)

  Sir Radfordin 22:45 25 Jan 2005

Isn't his charity work more for his own ego and to stop his kid getting her hands on his cash? So cynical ;)

Not sure if 'earns' is the right term. Earning something suggests you deserve it. The guy just got lucky on an idea and has a huge team to earn for him.

  stalion 22:55 25 Jan 2005

Mr Gates may have got lucky on an idea but then so did millions of computer users worldwide because without windows most users would be lost.
Good luck to the man he does not have to give to charity even with his billions but chooses to do so, to make this sort of money and keep your feet on the ground is an achievement in it's self

  Dan the Confused 23:31 25 Jan 2005

Btw, I've just done a little more looking and those figures I gave are for Microsoft's net income for 2002; so how much MS makes now and how much Gates makes personally, I'm not sure. But probably quite a lot I would think :Z

  Forum Editor 23:37 25 Jan 2005

is the mother and father of under-estimation. Don't forget that he had to have the idea in the first place, and then the sheer determination to work at it. He wasn't alone, admittedly, but he's undoubtedly been the main driving force behind Microsoft's development into what it is now.

It always makes me smile when I hear people knocking away at Bill - inferring that he doesn't deserve his success, etc., etc. The fact is, he has presided over one of the world's most astonishing commercial success stories, and is still doing so. Ask any senior Microsoft person what they think of Bill and you'll always be told that he's highly respected within the company. He doesn't have to give money to charity but he does - in huge amounts. I very much doubt that the recipients see him in a cynical light.

As stalion rightly says, good luck to the man. Without his personal drive and determination to succeed I doubt that the world of computing would exist in its present form.

  georgemac © 12:44 26 Jan 2005

he had the idea, built the team to develop and produce it, and the team were also handsomely rewarded. He deserves his success, and he give a large protion of his wealth to good causes - if only there were more like him in the world's superwealthy

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