how much are you willing to pay for gmail?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 22:01 06 Nov 2004

i wonder when gmail start to charge for there service?.when they do how much are you willing to pay for there service?.i think i would pay quite a bit,it is brilliant!

  powerless 22:24 06 Nov 2004

I see no reason why they would charge for there gmail service.

When it finally gets released to the world maybe a charge for POP access but until then...

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 22:35 06 Nov 2004

they provide 1GB of space,and spam filters,thanks for your invite by the way i love gmail!.i wouldn't mind paying!

  Nellie2 23:54 06 Nov 2004

why pay for something that targets you with adverisements after it has scanned your private email??

No thanks

  Forum Editor 00:08 07 Nov 2004

Very few people will ever need 1Gb of email storage space - it's a cheap gimmick - and I for one will never use a system that scans all my mail for keywords so that advertising can be specifically targeted at me.

Google assure me - and I believe them - that the mail scanning is entirely automated; no human ever sees the content. That isn't the point though. The system has been devised to deliver advertising, and although free webmail can have its attractions I can get the same amount of space with POP3 or webmail access and no advertising for peanuts from one of the big domain hosting companies.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 07:58 07 Nov 2004

i think is a brilliant service, forum editor the point of 1GB is that youll never have to delete a message again,i don't ever get spam or junk e-mails,i am not bothered by adverts,if this is what they do to get there money then fair enough its a free service,so ill stick with it!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:14 07 Nov 2004

No one is that important that they never need to delete messages. If anyone is sad enough to want to keep all the dull emails they receive they can use CD-R's or floppies...or even keep them on their 250Gb HDs. I think that, in 6 years, I have only kept 20 emails. Keeping any more would indicate a heightened perception of one's self importance. Having said that I do know at least one person who has kept every telephone, leccy, gas, council tax bill for the last 40 years...the epitome of uselessness. I did a rough calculation and in 6 years tyhe total of all my emails, including spam, is less than 300Mbs and this includes many photos.


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 08:26 07 Nov 2004

you might wan't look back on e-mails from freinds and family,there is nothing wrong in that,with my hotmail account i usually have a look at the e-mails with user names and passowords from various websites,i have never deleted and messages from yahoo ever,but then again i hardly used yahoo,in my hotmail account i usually clear out my inbox every month becouse it gets filled becouse of a lousy 2mb,cheers

  1911 10:36 07 Nov 2004

"I dont ever get spam or junk e-mails" I am just an ordinary home user. I get from 5 to 20 every day. please tell me your secret.I have a firewall,Mailwasher,Spy sweeper and a couple more.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 11:18 07 Nov 2004

yahoo and gmail you rarely get spam,if your on hotmail then you will get spam alot,but most e-mail providers (inc ones that you get with ISP) do have built-in spam filters,its nearly impossible to dodge spam though,in my hotmail account i too have about 5-20 spam messages a day,the worst thing is that they can't spell and you cannot reply to them!.cheers.ben

  Zak 17:53 07 Nov 2004

I do like the Gmail interface and the way you can select how to view your posts.

As said by earlier correspondents I doubt very much that I will ever use the 1GB.

If they start charging then i am out!

As far as scanning by Google is concerned, it is a concern. Not for me personally (if that were the case I would not have signed up), but in relation to the messages I receive or send to others. They may well have objection and wil not use my Gmail account to email me, preferring to use my pop3.

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