How many of you are awake?

  Giant68 00:17 14 Nov 2006

As i sit here at work, it's now gone midnight, and take a five minute break i wonder are there any other nightworkers among you who are watching these threads? And is the ever present FE still watching as the hours of darkness pass by, silver deleying mouse always at hand? Me, I've got a flour mill to run, and I'll be here till 7am watching the wheels of industry turn...


  WhiteTruckMan 00:21 14 Nov 2006

and liked it a lot as the roads were (usually) peacefull. Didnt do much for family life though, so I was persuaded to go back on days. Not working now tho' as got a week off.


  Jak_1 00:21 14 Nov 2006

Yup. Have all this week off and just got back from the pub :-)

  Forum Editor 00:34 14 Nov 2006

It started when I was developing a client base in the far east - I worked remotely on their networks whilst they slept - and has continued to a degree until the present.

I tend to turn in earlier now than in the past - it's rare for me to stay up later than 1:00 a.m.

  anskyber 00:36 14 Nov 2006

Still here, perhaps I should not be by now.

  Bob The Nob© 00:41 14 Nov 2006

So thats when we strike, at 1! Nah not really!
I'm up all the time, I dont seem to sleep

  Giant68 00:48 14 Nov 2006

It's nice to know that I have some company at this time of night. But I have got to admit if I wasn't being paid for it I would be in bed snoring. I wonder if theer will be any responses come 3 or 4am??


  josie mayhem 00:56 14 Nov 2006

Me Well I must be just sad...

But in my defence, I work shift work and what ever the shift I'm working I don't go to bed until I'm tiered...

And getting anywhere near to a computer while I'm at work, no chance that is unless something goes dwon...

Manager comes in and asks if I know why the printer won't print?

Me are there any lights flashing on the printer?

Manager yes, the one with a tear drop shape!

Me it's got my problem, over worked underpaid but if you change the ink cartridge might impress it to print a little bit longer!

  Bob The Nob© 00:57 14 Nov 2006

Proberbly not off me, I tend to go to bed at about 1-2ish and then wake up at 7:00 ready for the bus to college ate 7:15. I cut it slim but I tend to sleep in lessons on end uasr support or network technology because I just wiki itlater even if I've listend because the lectures i get can't explain these subjects really well but others can. Damn!

  WhiteTruckMan 01:02 14 Nov 2006

on peoples spelling, but just this once perhaps some people should get a bit of sleep<g>


  Giant68 01:07 14 Nov 2006

Josie Mayhem
I sympathise with you. I work at a 24/7 site with IT support only between 8:30am and 5:00pm, yet the PC systems run for all 24/7. So if you work outside these hours and people think that you know a bit about PC systems they do tend to badger you for help. Usually along the lines of "My PC can't find a printer" or the best one is "I've forgotten my password" We also use some pretty old software which the IT support people don't understand, and eventually I had to join an American forum to try and learn how to solve problems with that.


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