How many working hours are lost?

  MidgetMan 09:16 14 Jul 2004

I have often wondered how many working hours are lost every day waiting for pc's to boot up. In our office there are 12 pc's all need to be switched on, waited for password screen, logged in etc. Then there are the seemingly random reboots and crashes etc to in to account.

So in our office on the normal morning 12 pc's @ average 2 minutes to get into desktop = 24 minutes x 5 = 120 minutes so 2hrs every week just booting up pc's??

As I said, I have foten wondered!!

  Smegs 10:32 14 Jul 2004

MidgetMan, If it's not you're business, don't worry about. But, if it is, you could always go in Min's before everyone gets in, so theres no messing about. :-))

  Smegs 10:33 14 Jul 2004

Sorry, that should have been 24 mins before.

  Old Shep 10:43 14 Jul 2004

I would think time lost in booting up a machine is probably minimal when you think of the hours lost in unauthorised use of computers during working hours. I take it that the people who use these computers have nothing else to be getting on with whilst waiting for the boot up process.

  €dstowe 11:20 14 Jul 2004

Are assuming that there is a sequential boot up? That is letting one machine get going before starting another?

That's not the way it works here. They all get switched on at about the same time. Everything (15 machines) is up and going within five minutes.

  ventanas 11:20 14 Jul 2004

Quite a few looking at this forum. But while the three in my office are starting up I go and deal with the previous nights backup tape at the server.

  recap 12:21 14 Jul 2004

While the machines are booting up surely the staff are doing something constructive, say reading the post or getting their work in order for the day ahead.

Another way around it is to leave them all on Mon - Fri and only turn them off on the Friday. That way you only need boot them up on a Monday.

  MidgetMan 12:40 14 Jul 2004

" While the machines are booting up surely the staff are doing something constructive"

yeh right!!

The question was more of a general one rather than our office specific, if you take all the business's worldwide, all the pcs in them all the staff etc it must be a considerable amount of "lost" time.

Before pcs staff would come into the office sit and start typing (as an example) so more productivity!!

Still I suppose its just one of those thoughts that can keep you awake at night

  Bandy 13:24 14 Jul 2004

It's not the bootup time that worries me

I'm thinking more about reading threads that say "I'm in the office at the moment - will try the fix when I get home"

  Nellie2 13:50 14 Jul 2004

As recap said, you can be doing something else whilst waiting for the machine to boot up... what does get me is when I'm trying to complete a task and the machine slows to a crawl and the dreaded hour glass pops up and everything locks up. Because I'm on a secure network I have no control whatsoever so I can't even end processes etc.... That is where the time is lost!!

Oh by the way, I'm on leave today so I'm at home and not browsing the forum in work time!! Not that I would anyway, but I do in my lunch hour sometimes. :)

  Daz35 14:27 14 Jul 2004

You could always clean your screen!!!!!

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