How many touch typists?

  Chris the Ancien 19:01 30 Jul 2006

I'll be honest, I'm a 'biblical typist' (seek and ye shall find!).

I can get quite fast doing it my way - at times.

But, I thought, I do so much of it, perhaps I ought to learn to touch type. So, I went and bought Mavis Beacon. And that was about 18 months ago that I loaded it.

And I've never had the time to learn it!

How about you?


  VoG II 19:10 30 Jul 2006

I had a brief (~1 hour) go on a teach yourself to type program that we had on a mainframe at work - this was many years ago. I could not get the knack of it and gave up.

So - believe it or not - I'm a 1-finger typist. Considering that, I'm pretty quick. Plus I type a fair number of scientific reports and similar documents and I can type about as fast as I can think, if that makes sense.

  spikeychris 19:10 30 Jul 2006

I should be able to run off 600 words a minute but I can't. I can fire off a word doc fairly fast but I have to lift my fingers off the keys and although I can type without looking at the screen - sometimes, I still am miles off being a TT.

  Curio 19:23 30 Jul 2006

When I was a Signal Boy at HMS Ganges,we and the Boy Telegraphists were taught to Touchtype using Pitman's method. To keep us rhythmical the music of Victor Sylvester was used. We had to touch type in time to the music. A word in those days (Early 1950s) was 5 depressions and a space bar. All done on big old situp typewriters. To get to 40 Wpm was good!! I mostly use Dragon NS Preferred 8 these days following a stroke that caused problems with my left hand. For little typing jobs I still use the keyboard. I expect other Forum members who passed through Ganges as communicators will remember this.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:52 30 Jul 2006

I too bought Mavis Beacon some time ago. I too have not got around to actually using it.

  €dstowe 20:24 30 Jul 2006

The off-putting thing about Mavis Beacon is her dreadful voice. Five minutes of that and I'd never want to touch a keyboard again.

My own typing speeds are fairly good but I could never touch type as my little fingers don't work. They look normal but they are effectively paralysed and will only move if my other fingers move (as in clenching a fist). I'm so used to it and, as they've always been like it, it's not a problem.

  Mad Gilbert 20:33 30 Jul 2006

I'm mostly a four finger typist, but do use the other fingers at times. To be honest while it would be great to be able to type a bit faster and I don't know that it would be much of an advantage as I can generally type as fast as I need to. However it would be great for making up finished documents from notes or whatever when only typing and not thinking are involved.

I don't come across many touch typists though, but maybe I just never thought about it. Does anybody have experience of using tutotial software to go down this road, whether good or bad? Do you think it'd be worth investing?

  Jim Thing 20:34 30 Jul 2006

I've been a one-finger 'hunt & peck' typist for sixty-odd years. Nowadays, arthritis wouldn't let me touch-type even if I wanted to learn.

It's good to see that there are a few other old crocks around :-)

  pat-212841 20:46 30 Jul 2006

Any one tried learning usuing this program click here ?

  wolfie3000 21:18 30 Jul 2006

im one of the slowest typists i know lol.

  Ross Murray 21:41 30 Jul 2006

At 17, I'm probably one of the younger members of this message board. I've been using computers for the last 8 or 9 years and have gradually built up my typing skills mostly on my own. I can type fairly quickly using all my fingers, so I think I could be classed as a touch typist, as I can do so without having to look at the screen. I've also studied Business Administration to Higher level though, which is majorly based around IT in the workplace like word, speadsheets, databases etc, so it is expected that you can type pretty well.

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