How many lives have you got?

  mrwoowoo 23:03 05 Aug 2007

Has anyone else had a few near misses? ( accidents only)
1.Got blown 12 ft across the room due to an electric shock.
2.Got caught in a tidal rip and had basically given up as I was going under and exhausted, when two men in a small outboard boat appeared. One of them dunked his hand below the surface to grab me and pull me aboard.
3.Whent to get out of my dads car when another vehicle took the wing and door almost off on the side I was exiting.
4.Came within a few inches of going into an ingoing nip at work which had about six ton of load on it.( lack of concentration).
By my reconing i have 5 lives left. (o:!

  Forum Editor 23:06 05 Aug 2007

not to get into the same lifeboat as you.

  Si_L 23:09 05 Aug 2007

After the electric shock, I would have thought you'd be more careful!

  Brumas 23:11 05 Aug 2007

Remind me never to stand behind you in the departure lounge!

  Eargasm 23:32 05 Aug 2007

Iv'e never really understood that term " near miss" does it exist ?
We had a safety guy at work recently showing us how to correctly sling a load and use our overhead crane, he constantly told stories of " near misses" he had seen over the years, badly slung loads falling and people almost getting killed.

But surely they were "near hits" can anything "nearly miss" you ?

Sorry mrwoowoo i know what you mean really, but it's just my view of it.

  mrwoowoo 23:34 05 Aug 2007

Well,your replies have certainly made me smile.
Am i alone on this one?

  mrwoowoo 23:37 05 Aug 2007

A near miss and a near hit may be the same thing.
If something came near and just missed you it can be a near miss.If it nearly hit you it could be a near hit.Just terminology really i suppose.

  wolfie3000 23:45 05 Aug 2007

1 nearly choked on a kinder egg as a child.

2 cut my arm open with some sheet metal at work.

3 nearly died in a car accident by wrapping it round the base of a bridge at 70MPH, spend a month in hospital being rebuilt, lol

  Blackhat 23:51 05 Aug 2007

How many lives, accidents only.

Well I suppose it depends a lot on what you do in life.

When I reached 40 I said to myself "how did I make it this far?"

Years of skydiving, scubadiving, motorbiking, rock clinbing and many other activities.

A few examples, Skydiving; a few slow mall line overs, Scubadiving; entanglement in wreckage, cold water regulator freeflow, Motorbiking; many spills and thrills.

I now live a relativly sedatory life, mostly due to an ageing body suffering from injury and trauma from past activities. I doubt that I have many lives left except for the one I am trying to live now!

  mrwoowoo 23:51 05 Aug 2007

Wow. I think you and i should keep well apart. (O:!
glad your'e back on the road to recovery after your op.

  mrwoowoo 23:54 05 Aug 2007

I certainly don't think i should try any of those,but hey!,life is for living and iv'e always fancied the idea of a oneoff skydive.

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