How Many?

  ulrich 19:44 14 Jun 2008

Tanker Drivers were killed last week, earning only £31000 a year.

  polish 19:54 14 Jun 2008

totally agree have no sympathy for them not to split hairs but i heard on the news £32000 at the moment plus now another 13 percent still not enough!

  barca1 20:11 14 Jun 2008

yeah i was waiting for someone to clarify this..? £31K per year is a good wage i have NEVER seen that kinda wage & i have a family, I think they maybe dont appreciate there salary & position

  polish 20:22 14 Jun 2008

there job is dangerous but as stated you dont here of many if any serious fuel tanker accidents also they want neare to 39000 a year!

  Kemistri 20:48 14 Jun 2008

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks like this.

If they got the same wage in 1990 or whatever it was, then their pay has simply been adjusted down to a more sensible level in the intervening period. £31,000 is comfortably above average. I can remember what it was like to earn a heck of a lot less than that. A spokesman for the strike claimed in a news broadcast that the public opinion was now with them, to which my response was in the negative, to put it politely. I know enough people on low wages and pensions who must think that the whole thing is a big wind up.

  interzone55 21:37 14 Jun 2008

Just think how you'd feel if your pay had gradually declined in real terms for the last 16 years.

Yes, they earn a decent wage, but they also have a very responsible, and stressful job.

I know I wouldn't want to drive around with 6,000 gallons of highly inflammable liquid following closely behind me.

  al's left peg 21:49 14 Jun 2008

I think they are well within their rights to ask for that amount. I don't earn anywhere near what they are on, then again I don't feel my job is as danggerous as theirs. I also don't work for a company that makes 13.9billion or 1.5 million an hour!!! These guys, although not directly employed by shell are a major factor in the business.
Believe me though, if my company was making that much, I would want an above inflation pay rise. I believe it would cost the company less than an hours profit to award this pay rise. It's not the drivers or the union being greedy in my eyes, it's the fat cats in the boardroom ....again.

  K_elt 21:50 14 Jun 2008

Good point alan14, how many of the top executives will lead the way by taking a great deal less in their bank/share option/pensions to be on a "reasonable" amount?

The drivers are part of a successful company making extraordinary profits, why shouldn't they share in that success? Everyone works for profit, not what is reasonable.

  ulrich 22:15 14 Jun 2008

Sorry to those that disagree but the tanker drivers can choose another job so can the soldiers, the soldiers cannot go on strike, earn less than a parking attendant. How much does our Government earn an hour. I spent 9yrs in the BRITISH ARMY and I get roughly £130 a month minus tax pension, I have to help pay the speaker of the House of Commons to £1.2million pension. I wonder how much the people will get in Sinn Fein who I was trying to protect the British people from in the 70s. At the moment I find it very difficult to see where this country is going. There used to be a saying " I'm alright jack"

  K_elt 01:43 15 Jun 2008

ulrich, there are many discrepancies and disparities in the way people are valued, but the tanker drivers are asking for a better share of the profits from a company who can well afford it. What's wrong with that? Isn't that meant to be one of the benefits of being employed by a successful company?

Bear in mind, the more they get the more tax and insurance they are liable to pay back into the system as employees.

  laurie53 09:10 15 Jun 2008

The trouble is that by lying supinely while the truckers held the whole country to ransom a few years ago the Government indicated that any union wanting to get what they want should target the refineries.

One wonders how long the police presence would have been limited to a few cars if the Fathers 4 Justice or the Faslane protesters decided to blockade the refineries.

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