How loud is your Ipod?

  octal 11:05 13 Dec 2009

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I travel on the London Underground every day and some people have their Player up so loud it's painful for me to listen to it when they sit next to me. The most curious thing is they are often reading a book at the same time, how do they do it?

  Cymro. 11:21 13 Dec 2009

I have also wondered the same thing.
Is it something to do with younger brains? Both my children used to do their homework while having music on. They must have managed well enough as they both went through university.

  canarieslover 11:36 13 Dec 2009


  john bunyan 11:41 13 Dec 2009

The EU (bless them) are trying to get a "normal" limit of 75 Db and a max (if normal is over ridden by user) of 100 Db on MP3 players put in by manufacturers ..... At least it is better than the old days of people wandering around with "ghetto blasters" on their hunched shoulders or those souped up cars blasting out too loud music. I sympathise with you having to sit next to these people, and hesitate to suggest a surrepticious pair of sissors to accidently cut the headphone lead...

  canarieslover 11:52 13 Dec 2009

The European Creative Zen came with restricted volume, but a download of the firmware from the U.S. version soon put that right. The Db rating is with the supplied headphones so if you upgrade to better, but less sensitive, headphones the end result is lower volume still. Pity the EU are not putting this much effort into reducing noise volumes in the workplace.

  octal 12:09 13 Dec 2009

The trouble is now a days they are like to snatch the scissors off you and stab you with them :)

Makes me feel like doing that though.

  Chegs ®™ 12:20 13 Dec 2009

I dont possess an iPod,but have a couple of mobile music playing devices that could do with a few more notches up on the volume as when walking alongside a busy road the traffic roar makes them inaudible.I used to walk my daughter to school along one road,and was unable to hold a conversation over the noise particularly with older trucks passing.Its only a 40mph road to so I'd hate to live near a 60mph stretch.

  octal 12:49 13 Dec 2009

I fully understand what you are saying, the trouble is that there already is an ambient noise level of say 100dbA or more, so the player has got to exceed this already high level by a very large degree for you to hear it. The same goes for the Underground with an ambient noise of about 85dbA the player has got to exceed this by quite a large margin to hear it.

There is one way, that is to use the fully enclosed headphones which will eliminate external noise, like the type they use for marshalling aircraft, I've see a few people use them, but they aren't the height of fashion.

  john bunyan 15:19 13 Dec 2009

I agree re enclosed headphones - I use them when using garden equipment - mowers, chainsaws etc. Thre are very expensive external noise cancelling ones as well, but I get through a couple of pairs a year due to snipping wires by mistake etc!!

  interzone55 15:52 14 Dec 2009

It would be better if iPods came with a better pair of earphones.

Apple are making an absolute fortune out of these players, but refuse to bundle a decent pair of noise reduction earbuds, so they have to be bought after-market (where Apple make another killing by charging manufacturers a royalty for using the word iPod on packaging)

I bought myself a pair of these click here= and found I could drop the volume on my Zen MP3 player from 18 to 15 and still not hear all but the loudest back ground noises. I suppose this would be dangerous if wandering the streets, but I only use it in the gym, so it's not a problem...

  AL47 19:15 14 Dec 2009

^ i bought myself a pair of these

click here

absolutely incredible, and only need the sound up to half..3/4 on quiet tracks

with nice headphones you really can hear new sounds in music.. the fidelity is something to behold!

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