How long is a "Lifetime Guarantee"?

  pj123 14:40 26 Dec 2007

I have a couple of things that say, Lifetime Guarantee.

Who's lifetime?

I Googled it and it seems there is a lot of variation.

One company I looked at said, Lifetime Guarantee and then in brackets (25 years).

Another said 10 years and yet another (which made me smile) said "The lifetime of the product", but no indication of what that might be.

One company said: "The guarantee only applies to the lifetime of the original purchaser". So if that was me, I am 71 so I might get a couple of years guarantee. But supposing I got (say) my Grandson who is 22 to buy it, would he get 40 + years guarantee?

  Pamy 15:16 26 Dec 2007

As long as the company stayed in business and the product was still in production when it failed, I would think

  mrwoowoo 15:48 26 Dec 2007

I used many many scotch vhs tapes to record programmes on my vcr over the years.All had a lifetime guarentee and all were played to death with the inevitable degradation in quality.
Despite the guarentee i lost count of the amount of tapes consigned to the dustbin.
I wonder if anyone actually bothered exchangeing any scotch tapes for a new one?

  Clapton is God 16:39 26 Dec 2007

The product owner's lifetime.

Would you actually give a damn whether the product worked or not after you popped your clogs??

  interzone55 17:19 26 Dec 2007

I've tested Parker Pen's guarantee, last year I sent a fountain pen to be repaired and it was fixed for free under the warranty.

My mum got it for her 12th birthday in 1945, so the Parker warranty is based on the lifetime of the product as neither the purchaser (my granddad who passed away in 1980) or the recipient (my mum who passed away in 2004) is still with us.

  Bingalau 17:24 26 Dec 2007

alan14. Can't quibble about that one then can we?

  Pamy 17:40 26 Dec 2007

Ronson lighters used to be the same as Parker pens

  spuds 17:54 26 Dec 2007

I suppose looking at "Lifetime Guarantee" in a possible legal way, it could mean just that. When the 'products' life becomes extinct, so does the guarantee perhaps!.

With reference to the video tape 'lifetime guarantee' on Scotch tapes. I had one go faulty after 14 months, went back to the retailer who directed the responsibility to Scotch. I wrote them a letter, and still waiting a response to this day. After all these years of waiting, I think there is very little likelihood of a replacement now :O(

  SB23 20:15 26 Dec 2007

I've often wondered the same.

I claimed on the Lifetime Guarantee for Scotch Video Tapes a number of times, and although I know that the tapes were at fault, I was sent a little note suggesting that my Vcr was the main cause on each occasion. I didn't bother again.

On the other hand, my Belkin surge protector was swapped, after I contacted them about the protection lights being very dim / not working. No reason for it was given, but I was told to return faulty unit, and 7 days later had a brand new one with a better spec sent to me.

  ajm 20:24 26 Dec 2007

You have triggered a favourite topic of mine - pens.

I have on many occassions posted pens by Cross back to them after they had developed a mechanical fault. On each and every occassion I have had the pen repaired.

On a few occassions, a couple of gold-plated pens have had their shine restored at no extra cost. In one case, I had the pen replaced for a better one as the one I sent was either unrepairable or they didnt have the parts in stock.

  Al94 20:32 26 Dec 2007

Thanks for the heads up ajm, I have a Cross that was replaced once and now looks terrible again, tarnished and faded. Must sent it back again after the hols.

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