How Israel might strike at Iran

  ordep 15:16 27 Feb 2012
  sunnystaines 15:53 27 Feb 2012

read the link this morning, a good read.

  spuds 16:37 27 Feb 2012

Interesting article. But why would Israel fighter planes travel between 1500km (930 miles)/ 1800km (1120 miles), when there are already offers of much nearer airstrips and facilities (starting at 45 miles away), if all this kicks-off and the UK/USA become involved?.

  john bunyan 17:00 27 Feb 2012

For a target so far for aircraft maybe a submarine is more likely.

  Forum Editor 18:44 27 Feb 2012

Pretty well every military tactics expert in the world would warn against a pre-emptive long-range strike of this nature - the potential for it all to go horribly wrong is enormous, and even if it was partially successful the consequences would, in the words of IHS Jane's Robert Hewson be "dire and global".

The thing is, Israel might just go ahead anyway.

  Flak999 18:48 27 Feb 2012

I don't think anybody relishes the thought of the consequences for the region if not the world if Israel were to attack Iran. But! and it's a big but, if the Israelis were to attack Iran with all the concomitant consequences that such an attack would entail, should they not make sure they make a proper job of it the first time round.

By this I mean considering using the GBU-28 bunker busting bomb tipped with a tactical nuclear warhead? There seems to be some doubt as to whether a conventional weapon would penetrate the hardened facilities that the Iranians have built. Now I know this is to think the unthinkable, but the consequences of a strike will be massive anyway, far better possibly to make sure once and for all that these facilities are destroyed completely!

Scary stuff I know!

  Input Overload 23:37 27 Feb 2012

I would have thought this would be the biggest threat to world security in recent times, the 'Shock & Awe' attack on Iraq wasn't exactly a total success & Iran is pretty well armed at the moment.

I don't think Israel alone has anything like the resources to injure Iran sufficiently which is a fairly large country with very well armed neighbors who are not best mates with the Israelis. These may be a bit miffed with nuclear warheads going off in close proximity I know I would be.

I really hope this does not occur though I feel something will.

  daz60 08:54 28 Feb 2012

If Israel were to instigate a pre-emptive attack,with or without a nod from USA,you can guarantee a global response against Israeli targets, civilian and military including targeting of their supporters.

Such an event could galvanise even moderate Muslims into action against those who would support such a scenario.

  Flak999 14:22 28 Feb 2012

Having looked into this a bit more deeply, it would appear that the use of a low yield earth penetrating nuclear weapon would still cause significant surface contamination by radioactive fallout.

This interesting article by the Federation of American scientists Earth penetrating nuclear weapons explores the use of these weapons and makes it clear that there use would not necessarily achieve the desired goal and could seriously irradiate the surrounding area and kill several thousands of civilians by fallout.

So it would seem that conventional weapons are still the only way forward for this problem.

Question is have we left it to late?

  sunnystaines 17:03 28 Feb 2012

my thoughts were Iran is overdue a bloody nose. but following various news reports via google news I now see the wider picture. If Israel goes it alone the threats of the surrunding arabs getting involved are strong and if israel has its back against the wall will the USA come and save the day [o barma & israel not exactly best of friends] and what about turkey? will it stay out or get involved against israel.

The USA is a hairline away from going bust like greece can it afford to get involved.

the UAE will iran lob a few missiles into dubai/abu dhabi, if nukes are used will the winds blow radiation to the UAE.

Just hope osborne can tell cameron that we have no money left to get involved in this saga.

  badgery 17:28 28 Feb 2012

sunnystaines "The USA is a hairline away from going bust like greece"

That's an incredible statement, if ever I heard one!!

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