How important...

  spuds 13:55 28 Oct 2006

are you or perhaps your job and lifestyle?.

We all now that the world revolves around the implications of cradle to grave, but it is the in between that makes the interesting part perhaps. Different people have different opinions, that's the nature of things. What's your opinion, are you important, or do you know of a person that is?.

  sean-278262 14:31 28 Oct 2006

I dont know. I dont tend to think of it like that. I know plenty of important people but by what standards you or anyone else classes as important I dont know. I know a guy who works at apple and is one of their higher up directors but does that really count for anything. I dont think it does. It doesnt change the person I am, and doesnt make me any more special than the next person.

I think the only person that has an opinion that counts is my better half as he thinks the world of me as do I of him. I would suppose my parents and immediate family are also those who's opinions count but overall I dont see any difference between me and the next.

As for job, well I currently am starting mine but from what I have experienced, I totally love it. I wish I was able to do it more often.

  Cymro. 14:31 28 Oct 2006

You ask "are you important?"
No I don`t think so except to my immediate family perhaps.
You then ask "do you know of a person that is?".
No I don`t but I do know of many that think they are important.
I am not concerned about what people think about me or what people think of themselves.
As for what happens in between, well that can get very deep. I like most just try to be as happy as I can, but don`t expect to be happy all the time.

  anskyber 14:42 28 Oct 2006

No. When I was in work (which was up to quite recently) I regarded myself as simply doing a job which needed doing. Others thought my position to be "important" and in the eyes of many in the community it was seen to have status, whatever that may be.

There are many, perhaps the majority of people who seem to be unable to consider a life without the trappings of status and being regarded as important. I know of those who want to carry on working because the prospect on anonimity afterwards is not something they could tolerate. Sad really.

When I left work I was encouraged to join the retired members section of the professional Institute to which I had belonged for more than 35 years. I decided to decline and I returned the certificate which entitled me to call myself a Chartered Town Planner, I do not need such things and I rail against the notion of elitism which sits behind it.

I am none the worse for it and I still keep in touch with things in the planning world.

  LastChip 14:44 28 Oct 2006

to me, is paramount and I still don't have what I consider is acceptable; but I'm working on it!

Lifestyle incidentally, IMHO has progressively got worse over the years. There's far too much emphasis on work and money, and far too little on family. It used to be the reverse. Instead of money being a means to an end, its become the end itself.

I'm not important in the scheme of things, but then few others are either. I don't have any time for anyone who thinks THEY are important. They are just human beings the same as me and you. I try to treat everyone in the same way as I would wish to be treated - fairly and with respect.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:27 28 Oct 2006

Am I important?

Only to the prople that want:

1. My skills
2. My money
3. My vote

and only then until they have what they want.

  Tim1964 20:34 28 Oct 2006

Important people could be considered those who would be sorely missed if 'gone' for say a month.

IMO. Surgeons, doctors, nurses, police etc....Yes.

Actors, footballers, singers etc.......No.

  Brumas 20:44 28 Oct 2006

“A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove...but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.”

My Wife and my children are important to me and I to them - I hope?

  Jak_1 21:19 28 Oct 2006

Me, I am the most important person! However, family and friends are the next important for without them life would be very dull. In short Everybody is the most important person whilst they are living! It is not a case of how important are you but who is imoprtant to you!

  Forum Editor 00:06 29 Oct 2006

to at least one other person, often more, in terms of the impact/effect we have on their lives. A father is probably important to his children, a mother certainly will be, and both might be important to each other, but I don't think you mean that.

Some people have a wider importance, in that their actions and thoughts, their very existence even, affect the lives of many others. Someone who runs a factory will be important in his/her world, as will a politician, a doctor, a lawyer, and entertainer - the list is endless.

Importance should be in the eyes of the beholder though, and the danger lies in thinking yourself important, or in behaving as if you are.

  chocolate cake 00:20 29 Oct 2006

I am not important!

I was speaking to a good friend of mine who is muslim and he said something that has stayed with me for many years. It was this

"It matters what you do in this life. The reason is that you leave absolutely nothing behind you except for the memories of those that you leave."

In other words; to be important is not what matters, it is the act of being a good person that is important!

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