How Impartial can this forum be?

  hotel99 21:11 06 Oct 2006

How Impartial can this forum be?
Considering that PC Advisor pays the FE?
If the magazine relies on advertising as revenue does the budget spent by one or more companies tip the balance on those companies getting preferential treatment? Or anti-company views being stopped from being seen

Other well-known British icon companies to weaken competitors have done it in the past. This post is not specified at one or more companies that advertise here, but the same type of cases have happened back in the boom or bust 80’s.

  def90csw 21:17 06 Oct 2006

As impartial as anyone can be. But you hope that views can be expressed here as long as they are within the rules and guidlines of the forum.

  rdave13 21:39 06 Oct 2006

Zzzzzzz......., been commented on before....zzzzz

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:39 06 Oct 2006

The FE's moderating of this forum is in no way influenced by PC Advisor's advertisers or by any other company.

  Forum Editor 21:41 06 Oct 2006

PC Advisor doesn't pay the FE a penny, so that's one paranoid theory out of the window.

I run my own IT consulting business, and that provides me with a reasonable income. I'm certainly paid for writing in the magazine, but that's on a freelance basis, and is totally separate from the work I do here - I'm not an employee of the company, and never have been.

In that way I have maintained my sense of independence here, in the forum, and that's important. I can speak freely, act freely, and make sure that all parties are heard - both consumers and suppliers. As far as I'm concerned I wouldn't have it any other way, and I think our forum members agree - I certainly hope they know that I'll do my best to see that deserving cases are given a fair hearing, and that includes inviting suppliers to state their case, too.

In the whole time I've been associated with the forum (almost six years) I have never once felt under any pressure from the magazine to show favour to a supplier or an advertiser, or to act in any way other than with integrity. Nobody at PC Advisor has ever interferred with the way I do things, and it is to their credit that they've supported me through thick and thin - even on the occasions (and there have been a few) when I have openly criticised companies which advertise in the magazine.

If you're looking for evidence of a conspiracy to show favour to a selected band of suppliers and/or advertisers you're in for a lean time - I have nothing to hide in that respect. I'm here to see that our readers and forum members get a decent atmosphere in which to discuss problems, and to seek help. I think people have a right to expect that the high standards set by the magazine's print version are reflected here, and while it's in my power to do something about that I will.

I'm sorry if this all sounds a tad trite, but there it is - you'll have to look elsewhere for a juicy corruption story.

  rdave13 21:49 06 Oct 2006

Mind you if you have any doubts whatsoever you can always go to other "impartial" forums.

  anskyber 21:56 06 Oct 2006

Yes. Haven't you been involved in the Mesh thread?

click here

  Totally-braindead 21:58 06 Oct 2006

You are not the first to ask this hotel99 and you have received the answer the others have.

I've been here for a few years now and I've tried other Forums and always have ended up back here. I think the Forum is as impartial as its possible to get. Plus on the odd occassion people start slagging others or bad language starts to take over the FE jumps in quick enough and I'm satisfied with the way things are run. Some think he jumps in too quickly, some think he waits too long, how do you decide? I know I couldn't do it.

I'm happy, sorry if you're not.

  anskyber 21:59 06 Oct 2006

I think if you want mud and deception.......look elsewhere

  Kev.Ifty 22:33 06 Oct 2006

Even if FE wanted to be biased toward a paying advertiser, he would be daft to try it here ;-) (And he ain't daft)

There are too many very knowledgeable, experienced and 'verbose' members around to let anyone get away with self promoting or veiled sponsorship or bias toward ANYTHING

  Forum Editor 07:45 07 Oct 2006

"Some think he jumps in too quickly"

Guilty, I'm sure.

"some think he waits too long"

Equally guilty, I'm sure.

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