How hopeless can you get?l

  johnincrete 10:05 12 May 2017

I took delivery of a new computer. It's not a tower but one that sits flat on the desk and you can put the screen on top. I was struggling to come to terms with my first experience of Windows 10. Then I needed to burn a CD and pressed the button to open the tray. But the CD wouldn't fit! It was just a bit too wide. How could this be I thought. The shop had to use the CD to load Windows and other bits and pieces. Eventually, I phoned the shop. They sent round a guy and he took one look and corrected the situation. The problem? I had the box upside down!! Stop laughing! I am 76

  Forum Editor 10:18 12 May 2017

It's the way your brain works, and you're not alone. At times we all make automatic assumptions, and when something goes wrong we keep doing it - we look for a complicated cause when there is often a very simple one.

  Toneman 10:48 12 May 2017

You mean it didn't have the word "TOP", or an arrow, or an open umbrella, or any indication marked on it? What is the world coming to ...

  Cymro. 11:26 12 May 2017

A post I like very much. We've all been there. So at 70 I'm alright for a few years yet then.

  Old Deuteronomy 11:46 12 May 2017

At times we all make automatic assumptions, and when something goes wrong we keep doing it - we look for a complicated cause when there is often a very simple one.

Been there, done that, got several t-shirts.

  HondaMan 11:57 12 May 2017

Yup! If something goes wrong in our house, my wife will say "Is it a fuse" which relates back to a Nissan Laurel we had many years ago. I had fitted a new aerial an was trying to tune the radio. Unknown to me, and not in the manual, was a line-fuse which had blown. I had checked all the other fuses but not the line-fuse. every time my wife came out she said "Is it a fuse?" I was getting very irritable saying "No, it's not the fuse.

Was my face red when I found the line-fuse.

That was 30+ years ago and she still asks that same question

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:00 12 May 2017

Stop laughing! I am 76 and Australian?


  Govan1x 12:19 12 May 2017

Yup pulled my computer out to give it a right good clean had the memory out as well to clear any dust off. Reassembled it and it would not work.

So took it apart again to see what i had done wrong,made sure the memory was well seated and put it together again with the same result.

Dawned on me after about an hour that I had turned the switch off at the back of the computer and had forgotten to turn it on again. What a plonker.

Now my problem now is that I should be thinking of buying a new computer but think because of my age I might not be about long enough to use it. And having to buy a computer with W10 on it puts me right off.

So will battle on with this oldish one to see which one lasts the longest.

  bumpkin 16:44 12 May 2017

LOL Fruit Bat very subtle.

  oresome 13:26 16 May 2017

we look for a complicated cause when there is often a very simple one

Many years ago the TV had recently broken down and I'd replaced a thyristor in the PSU.

The following week the TV turns off again mid programme and my thoughts turn to the thyristor and so I take the back off the TV. I can't see too well, so ask my wife to turn the light on've guessed it, we had a power cut.

  Govan1x 16:50 16 May 2017

Nice one oresome.

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